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An update to a 2014 article about Robert Murphy

Last week (2nd week of April 2017) a question was asked about why did St. Mere Eglise name a street after Robert (Bob) Murphy and the real heroes who helped to liberate St. Mere Eglise weren't given as street name?  This was posed on 505th Facebook Page.

Quite a few people commented and gave thumbs up wondering the same question. Glen Mallen started to attack me personally.  I don't worry about "men" who play soldiers.  Mallen even gives himself promotions as well. If anyone watches the TV series the Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper does the same thing when playing soldier. The term lol is very appropriate in this case.

The person who runs the 505 FB Group is Barbara Fortenbaugh. She removed that post even though many in the group were having a dialog about why real heroes don’t have street names in St. Mere Eglise but Murphy did. Since it’s her group she can do as she pleases which is fine.

Then yesterday April 20, 2017 I posted just a link instead about Murphy. Late last night I received a message from Ms. Fortenbaugh again stating that she was going to remove the post about T/4 Zimmerman if the link to Murphy wasn’t removed. Once again showing a real hero like T/4 Zimmerman and just a link to Murphy was too much for some people to look at. Just a link, go figure.

I have now left the 505th Group and you can read this here, Response to Ms. Fortenbaugh.

Of course early this morning on the 505th FB Group Glen Mallen once again complained in a post about just a link. Mallen then goes on saying this;

“Your Murphy article is full of distortions and ignores that people already know about them”.

Does Mallen talk about the "distortions he" say exist?  No as there aren’t any. This is what it looks like when someone tries to marginalize someone. Mallen is obviously a huge Murphy fan and doesn’t’ like it that Murphy pulled a Section 8 scam to get out of the Service.

Mallen then says this “make a mockery of the otherwise good research” is disingenuous at its finest. He doesn’t like it that his hero got out of the service early and tries to denigrate my work.

It was Howard Melvin (who was the Sergeant Major for the 505th Prcht Inf at the end of WWII) who did most of the expose about Manoian back in 2001. He had started work on Murphy too but died before he could finish his research. Attached to this it shows that Mr. Melvin had gotten some of the records showing Murphy’s many visits to the hospital and the fact he had been arrested in September of 1944.

Mallen doesn’t want people to know that Murphy is a liar and will try and keep people from looking at the documentation. Remember Mallen never once spoke to the documentation but did about an obituary. On the plus side Mallen the Murphy fan didn’t threaten to kill me just tried to discredit documentation.

Another Murphy fan has threatened to kill me not once, but twice. His name is Stuart Robertson and lives in Normandy. Stuart Robertson in 2015 called and threatened to kill me if I ever went to Normandy.  Stuart Robertson also sent emails that day in April of 2015 and threatened to make sure if I came over that I would not be allowed to go home.  Attached are the emails from April of 2015.

I really thought at first it was a joke and it had to be a friend joking around. It turns out the treat was real and it was from Stuart Robertson. I thought a person with issues would go away but no. In March of this year when Cook was exposed Stuart Robertson shows up again. On Facebook messaging Stuart Robertson once again threatened me with violence if I go over to Normandy.

I have attached the Facebook message sent by Stuart Robertson but be forewarned his writing is disgusting and threatens violence. This is the same Stuart Robertson on Facebooi here

Once again on the plus side that same day in March of 2017 I had updated the Fakes and Liars page and forgot the link for Murphy. When Stuart Robertson posted to my page it reminded me that I had to update the link for Murphy. If Stuart Robertson hadn’t posted on my site it would still not be on the fakes and liars page.

If you look at Stuart Robertson FB page you will see he is a big fan of Manoian, Murphy and Cook among others.  He has issues, no doubt about it. Here is a picture of him on his own site and he can’t even dress himself properly it seems. (lol as the saying goes).

It is becoming more and more apparent that just like the Plumley lovers there are quite a few WWII lovers of fakes and liars as well. I have only had Stuart Robertson threaten violence in relation to WWII but have quite a few on the Plumley issue who has threatened to kill me. These people are, shall we say, trouble at the very least.

Brian Siddall
April 22, 2017


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