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This person Damon Suiter shows how dumb Plumley lovers are.  Attached is his message via Facebook back in May of 2016.  These people look at a movie and say it must be real, it’s a move.

They always come up with excuses for Plumley, always.  This Damon Suiter is a Facebook stalker.  He even stalks people through Groups like TBI Survivors and Caregivers Support Group.  It’s obvious he has neurological problems.

That still doesn’t excuse his message.  He and the other ilk look at Plumley like a father figure, a lying father figure but still a father figure. 

Attached is the documentation that refutes his assertions about his 3 CIB Awards.  First Suiter said since he was a Scout that made him infantry.  No, in WWII the MOS had nothing to do with the CIB qualifications.  You had to be assigned to an Infantry Regiment or below.  (page 8 of the accompanying documentation for the 1944 circular).  Now the MOS is part of receiving the CIB but even then you have to be assigned to an infantry unit (pages 9 & 10).  Please read pages 11 through 21 of the accompanying documentation.  Page 11 shows an infantry unit above Arm of Service.  Pages 12-21 show other various units (CE (Engineer), FA (Field Artillery), MD (Medical) etc. 

The only people who receive the CIB is Infantry, none of the other branches, hence the name CIB (Combat Infantryman’s Badge).  Suiter doesn’t seem to comprehend this.  It’s in black and white (pages 29-31). 

“The Last Nail in the Coffin of the Fake Plumley” article attached to this shows two things, one he wasn’t allowed to even wear one CIB in 1965.  Plumley wasn’t wearing two at that time because he was not in Korea until 1972. 

On to Suiter’s “The Army’s records are terrible”.  The Army records for Plumley are perfect for his records of assignments.  From the day Plumley joined the Army until the day he retired it shows here he was (page 7).  There are no missing dates there.  It clearly shows he was in Ft. Campbell during the time he claims he was in Korea.  Plumley never jumped in combat in WWII as he was a glider rider and wasn’t in Korea during the war years.

Plumley lovers always say leave a dead liar alone.  Sure, lets leave Hitler alone too as he’s dead now.  Facts are facts and Plumley lied since 1992 when the book came out.  He and Galloway are two peas in a pod.  Now that people are going after Galloway they say “why are you picking on an old man like Galloway”?  If people go after their fake heroes they get all bent out of shape.  These dumb people everywhere these days. 

It’s obvious that this Suiter has issues with reading comprehension.  Suiter hasn’t read the actually documentation at all.  His writing is at the level of an 8th grader as well it seems. 

Plumley is only a hero in the movies, not in real life.  Most people have read all of the documentation and know how to comprehend what they read.  Someone like Suiter will never be able to believe that Plumley is a liar.  Jesus could show up and tell Plumley Lovers that he is a liar and he would say “Jesus, I love you but you’re wrong about Plumley”.  I think what really bothers these people are the fact that they joined the service after reading/seeing the book/movie.  Even today people see the book and join the service.  They don’t want to believe they were sold a pack of lies.  How many soldiers are dead because they bought into the We Were Soldiers Once book/movie? 

Attached to the Suiter message are some of the “more out there” people on FB (last 3 pages) including Nichole (Nicki Jo) Cordero who threatened to have me attached and Albert Macias who posted this to a daughter of a WWII veteran.  It says a lot about those people as well.

Brian Siddall

March 8, 2017



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