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A Variation on a Theme

(Stolen Valor) 

When first contacted (via email) by Thulai van Maanen she said this;

“My daughter lost her dad while he was serving our country as a paratrooper.”

If you read this you would think that Thulai van Maanen daughter lost her father in combat.  In reality he was killed when helping a fellow motorist who had a flat tire.  It had nothing to do with him being in the service.

Thulai van Maanen does this almost every time she contacts someone for the first time.  It’s a sad way to get the attention she craves when using her dead boyfriend that way. 

She’s still doing it but in a much larger way.  A few people sent me a link from

In the article van Maanen once again tried to use an ex-boyfriend’s death to elicit sympathy from the readers.  Here is what she said this time around;

“He died because of an accident while attending NCO school.”  That makes it sound like he died in training.  He wasn’t killed because of his service but was killed in a tragic car accident.  This is what an actual death in service is

She then talks of her child’s issues due to the death of her father.  I find it beyond distasteful that she puts her own child’s issues out there for sympathy.  She implies once again that the he died due to his service.     

She also likes to tell people look at me, look at awards I was given and look what I did by returning an item to a family.   

Leave it to Paul Woodadge to say this about van Maanen “especially her research with Morning Reports, wartime maps and archives”.  This is what van Maanen thinks about Morning Reports in her own writing;

Things don’t need to be proven with morning reports.”  She is an opportunist, nothing more.  She will say and do anything to get her face out there. 

Then van Maanen goes up a notch by using the Gold Star sympathy.  The only problem once again is he wasn’t killed in combat but in a highway accident.  The Gold Star is only for the US military that are killed in combat.  Maybe the Netherlands has a variation on that but I find it hard to believe.

Remember that van Maanen cares nothing about a soldier unless she can get her face associated with the dead soldier posing in front of their headstones.  She is the perfect example of someone who craves the spotlight using both her child and her dead boyfriend.


Brian N. Siddall

March 26, 2019


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