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507th Parachute Infantry Article of the Day
December 7, 1942

A Dead Soldier Speaks

A German Mother Told Her Son

Alky and Me

And the New Corporals

Another Work Day for K.P.

Bits About The Third Battalion

Boots & Wings

C Company Flashes

Co B's Attack on the 29th Inf

Famed Auctioneer Joins the 507th

Fancy Meeting You Here

1st Lt Miller

507th Athletics and Rec Bldg. Now Open

507th Parachute Officer's Return From Staff School

From One G.I. to Another

Honest John's

It Seems to Me

Know Your Chaplains

Lt Harmon Walters

Lt Roth's Transfer From Co C

Major and Minor Get Together

Men of the Third Battalion

Monkey Monkeys Around In Alaska

New Day Room Opening

Now Take A Look

Odds and Ends

On The Sober Side

Pearl Harbor


Regimental Hqs. Sound Off!

Seasons Greetings

Spider Spins Web For Use In Gun Sights

Text of Pamphlets Dropped

The Paratroopers Lament

Urgent Need for Nurses!

What Are The Warcogs

Your Insignia

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