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507th Parachute Infantry Article of the Day
February 15, 1943

A Mother's Letter to a Soldier

Adolph's Uniform Speaks

Advice To The Lovelorn

Appendix Cut Out; "Operator" Never Studied Surgery

Bits About The Third Battalion

Boots & Wings

"Charge Of the 1st Brigade"

Chaplain's Column

Co A Vies for Regimental Champs

Definition of a Goldbrick

Disgruntled Paratrooper

Dorothy Lamour, Tops As Bond Saleswoman

Eligibility For WAVES Depends On

First Battalion Attacks A Strongly Fortified Position

1st Bn Sounds Off

507th Drops Into Action Over Alabama

506 Welcome

From the Pen of Sgt Stephen Kramer

Headquarters Battalion Staff

Honest John Banquet

Honest Johns Club Co C


I'll Jump Into Your Heart

It Seems to Me

Keys Of Berlin

Laff of The Week

Life aren't All Ups and Downs

Life Savers

Lt. Henderson Promoted

Major Dresser

Nazi Boast Come to An Abrupt End

Nazis Duped

Offer Tips on Drinking

Paratroopers Retaliate

Paratrooper Speaks 4 Languages

Paratroopers Make Big Hit With Atlanta Belles

Paratroopers Win 10th Tilt

Prop Blast for 507 Officers

Religious Services

Salute Your Officer Maloney

2nd Battalion Mess Hall

2nd Battalion Quite "Rights"

Shots From Service Mess

Spider Extends Win Streak

Stop That Rumor

Sports Slants From Other Camps

The Awful Truth

The Inquiring Line

Theater No. 10

This Above All


Which One Should I Wear?

Your Chaplain


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