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507th Parachute Infantry Article of the Day
April 7, 1943

Ace Survives Jap Fire

After The Jump 'Chutist

Alliance Base Post Office

Alliance Theatre

Allied North Africa Headquarters

Are All Soldiers Like That?

Army Base, Alliance, Nebr.

Army Institute

At Ease, Yes'm

Awaiting "Go!"

Bits About The Third Battalion Pt 1

Bits About The Third Battalion Pt 2

Blind Eye Doesn't Stop Soldier

Blossom Girl

Boy Salutes Colonel

Buses! Buses! Buses!

But I Like To Dance

C Company Sounds Off

Cardinals' Probable Infield

Chow Hounds

City Champs Bow to 507

Come and Get It! Chow A la Cart at Barksdale

Cooperation Essential

Crack Machine Gun Squad

D Troop' Rides Again

Down In Front

Eye Witness Account

'F' Company

15 Year-Old Sgt Discharged Pronto

1st Battalion Pleased with Chow

1st Sgt Mourns Loss of Pig

507 Jump and Parade

507th Edge Out 32-29 Over City Leaders

507th Commends Citizens

507th Jump In Nebraska

507th Takes Off To Attack

507th Wins Over Post

Fraternal Organization

General's Stars Get Around

Gets His Wings

Headquarters and Hdqs. Co.

Headquarters Co. 1st Bn.

Hq & Serv Co Annex

How To Meet

Husband Rejected, Wife Accepted

Hypo Shots

Intelligence Section

It Seems to Me

Jerusalem Monk

Jottings from Co 'A'


Keep It Clear Fellows

Laff Of The Week

Late Flash!

Letter To The Staff

Lieutenant Writes Too Ardently

Life Savers 1

Life Savers 2

Life Savers 3

Mass Jump

New Warrant Officers

News From Your Hometown

New Theatre Schedule

North Star State Pfc Norton

On The Scene

One Small Word

1000 See 507th Bow

Opening Shock

"Paradise" Arraigned By Marine Officers

Paratroopers 'Raid Cook

Personal Affairs

Plane, Minus Gas, Lands

Preparing To Take Off

Private, 16

Prize Winner Mortar Squad

Prop Wash Company 'H'

Regimental Headquarters Company Approval

Regiment To Form Newspaper Guild

Reveille to Taps B Company

Right Name, Wrong Man

Roller Skating

Scored 293 out of 300

Service Company Mess …


Sgt H.C. Anthony

Ship Sinks, No News

Sideline Notes

Small Boys Attack

Spend Unique Week-end

Sports Slant Other Camps

Stand's Last Stand

Sunday Services

10 Years in Army

Texan Wondell

The Awful Truth

The Chaplains Corner

The Inquiring Line

The Kid's Here!

The Seeing Eye of Co "I"

The Utility or Futility…Intelligence Section

This Is One Happy Chaplain

Twenty Five Years of Postal Experience

USO Dance

Woman Pilot Used By Japs

Would You Care …

Youngest Chutist

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