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507th Parachute Infantry Article of the Day
April 22, 1943

A Great Man Comes Into His Own

Air Base Prints First Newspaper

Air Base Theatre

Alliance Townfolks

Alliance USO

Baseball Opens, I Co. Wins Over H 8-7

Base Invest

Bits About The Third Battalion


Brooklyn 'Boid"

Buck Privates Pull K.P.

'C' Company Sounds Off!

Commendation from Major General

Company A

Dead Eye Dick

Dorsey Show Canceled

Excerpts From Letters

F Company Takes Time Out

Fall In!

Female Marine of 1812

Femmes Dine In Service Mess Hall

1st Airborne Division Activated

1st Battalion Mess Chatter

"1st Louie" Has Sundae

507 Queen To Receive $100 War Bond

507th Formerly with the Navy

507th Trounces Air Base Pugs



14-Year-Old Subs for His Brother

"G" Company Third Battalion


Geronimo, Present!

Happy Easter

Happy? ... Yes Sir!

He Really Tumbled

Headquarters and Hdq. Co.

Headquarters Battalion Staff

Headquarters' Dips and Quips

Hell On Earth

Hospital Personnel

Hypo Shots

Invest In The Future

It Seems to Me

Japs Executes Americans

K. of C. Dance

Kills 200

Laff Of The Week

Let's Go

Life Savers

Lt. Col. Pointdexter

Major Kuhn

Male Officer Replaces WAAC In Desk Job

Mess Sergeant Begins Own War On Waste

More War Materials

My, My, Geronimo Has A Rival

New Day Room

Non Coms? That's Right, Even 'F' Company Has Them

Note To Chow-Hounds

Oh, the Pity of It All

Officers Representing 'F' Company

One Soldier Equal To One Tank

Operation Begun

Prisoners' Mail Gets Thru

Private Victor Laymen

Prop Wash Company 'H'

Pvt. Wears Civies

Pvt J. Wolford Golden Gloves Leaving

Ranch Invites

Ready For The Takeoff

Recent Appointment


Return Guitar

Reveille to Taps B Company


S-3 Section Vitally Important

Service Company Mess

7,000-Word Postscript

Sideline Notes

Sgt. Shepherd's Lament

Solidarity of Airborne Units

Stockton, California

Sunday Religious Service

Sweetheart Of The 507th

Terra Firma

The Awful Truth

The Chaplains Corner

The Inquiring Line

The Seeing Eye of Co "I"

3rd Battalion


Unity Essential

Variety Show to be Featured Next Week

We Are Fighting A War

Yank Writes

You Shook Too


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