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The Stephen E. Ambrose Fabrications in his D-Day Book

This shows that Ambrose fabricated chunks of the book D-Day.  Here is the documentation showing Ambrose's lies.

I saw a post on FB, went and pulled down the Ambrose book D-Day.  Then went to page 211 where Ken Russell a Co F man spoke of Sgt Ray.  In the book Russell stated that he saw Sgt Ray get shot in the gut and while dying shot the German who had shot him in the gut.  The only problem with that is that Sgt Ray didnít die until June 13, 1944, not June 6, 1944.  I then went to the Endnotes of the book and it stated that this information came from a Ron Drez interview with Ken Russell. 

History can be corrected but it is very time consuming work and even then some people will look at all of the documentation and say that canít be true because I read something different in a book.  Just because Ambrose had it in a book doesnít mean itís true.  The source in this case about Ray dying just after being shot is only on the word of a fellow soldier, not the actual documentation.  Sgt Rayís death was much worse than the fictional account.

Remember Ambrose has been exposed for writer fiction to a degree.  It first started in his 1963 Thesis and went from there.  He is now known as a plagiarist, and someone who didnít do a lot of fact checking.  Ambrose not only just took the solders words he created paragraphs out of whole cloth.

In a way Wikipedia is that way today as well.  They just take someoneís word for it instead of doing its due diligence.   

It seems it was in 1963 where the problem started with Ambrose plagiarizing other writers work. 

March 9, 2017

Brian N. Siddall 



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