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Movie stars take just days sometime to be buried while retired soldiers take up to 6 months. It took just 16 days for Maureen O'Hara to be buried at Arlington. He husband was a General and died in 1978. Does it seem fair that someone who wasn't even in the Military gets to be buried in 16 days and Soldiers who were in combat can take 6 months?

Charles Durning is another example of a movie star vs the rest of the world. Durning died on December 24, 2014 and was buried February 21, 2013 (14 days after the NPRC sent ahead the paperwork). 14 days vs. 174 on average.

A decorated 505th Prcht Inf Soldier Spencer Wurst died March 16, 2105 but wasnít entombed until November 10, 2015 almost 8 months. Do we think Arlington isnít at the very least playing favorites?



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