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The Art of Deflection

This is a breakdown of what the Friends of Co I did tonight June 6, 2017. It’s hard to believe that Stephen Hartzell would have done that on June 6, 1944, of all days. He turns his issues and tries to blame it on everyone else.

Attached to this article are the reports showing the men coming to the 502d Prcht Inf as replacements after Normandy including Pvt Jose Casares. You can see him getting to England on 6 June then into Service Company 14 June then Co I for the first time 22 July days after the Normandy Campaign ended for the 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. Pvt Casares received his CIB for Holland as well.

I reached out to the relative and let them know. This was all done by Private Messaging. He received all of the documentation and he didn't care. He sent me a sheet and said this proves he was in Normandy. The problem is two fold, one the document is not official and two and most importantly, it was for the roster for September 17, 1944, jump into Holland. This was all still at this point on Private Message via FB.

If this had been any other day besides June 6 I might have waited a day or two. I then PM'd to Hartzell and he didn't respond. I wasn't going to let a liar go unchecked. Since the family member refused and so did Hartzell up it went. Hartzell could have taken it down but decided to leave it up. Why?

Hartzell who runs that site has all of the documentation and yet left it up. He then blocked me from seeing his site. I gave him tons of documentation from Months of Morning Reports, General Orders to 80 Medical Reports for Co I in Normandy.

This, of course, calls into question all of the work done on the FB site. If you leave one fake story up, how may others might be there about Co I 502nd Prcht Inf?

This is one of Hartzell’s responses by message “My research will eventually answer that, and many more questions, using MULTIPLE sources”. I sent him 6 Army documents. It shows his lack of understanding. According to Hartzell 6 documents aren’t multiple documents. I knew I had to spoon feed him the other documents I’ve given him back in February of this year. But that he doesn’t understand what the word multiple means is, well sad.

I’m also realized what this is really all about. If you notice in the previous paragraph he states “My research”. He like a few others can’t stand it that others have both access to more information to WWII documentation and have a better understanding of said documentation.

If you notice also the Friends of Co I 502 site was public. After I called out Hartzell and that he had left up the fake story about Jose Casares he went to Secret Facebook page. That will show a lot about him right there.

The work done on Co I 502nd Prcht Inf Poopsheet Newspaper was done by his father and Ms. Betty Hill Taylor. I was able to help in getting Co I as of 6 June done last year but the 99% of the physical work was done by Ms. Taylor and Mr. Hartzell Stephen’s father. The Friends of Page then took information and was put up FB.

Explaining what reports mean to Hartzell was difficult at times. Here is another part of the messages from him “His discharge verifies Normandy“. This shows that Hartzell has no real understanding of WWII documentation. When the men came home the clerks back in the states had a list and if it said 507th for and the example they would type in all of the campaigns for the solder unless the soldier himself set the records straight.

This is from Hartzell too (his spelling, not mine) “You have no right to publicly chastize (sp) and shame a blood relative of a soldier”. I gave the relative many chances to take down the post as he had the documentation showing his relative wasn’t there. I love it on the TT FB site where Hartzell says he doesn’t have the right”… Bullshit, this person, the grandson of a fake soldier for Normandy doesn’t have the right, especially of 6 June to put his grandfather’s lies with the real men who were killed that day.

The blood relative excuse is a weak one. He is only a grandson two generations removed as Hartzell would say. My uncle who was killed on June 6, 1944, is one generation back if you want to use Hartzell’s thinking and my father’s kid brother. My father a POW for 9 months, his kid brother killed in action. Casares? He wasn’t in Normandy.

If people want to lie to their own family, knock yourself out. But when you go worldwide with it, then it will come under scrutiny. If you can’t take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen as the old saying goes.

Here is the last PM from the grandson” to me “Go fuck yourself”. It made me laugh as that is the last refuge for fakers. He uses all of the old excuses, records are poor, they catch up later etc. There were no missing records here, none for the time period 6 June to when he received his CIB for Holland

This article is to all of the Pansies out there who love and look up to a Stolen Valor “soldier”. I read the forums out there about the whiners and crybabies. There is a subculture that has never grown up. They cry night and day if something makes them upset. To them, everyone is a hero in WWII. That’s not the way that works.

Then I remember that they are a small group but they scream the loudest because they wet their pants over a perceived issue about a fake. If you notice they attack and try to marginalize the messenger, not the actual facts.

The truth is a dangerous thing to some people. Deep down they just don’t have the balls to expose fakes and liars.  Dealing with the Plumley Lovers of the world gives me no satisfaction in exposing their heroes, but by the same token when we step in a pile of dog crap, someone’s gotta pick it up. The Plumley Lovers of the world love Stolen Valor people, but most of the world do not.

What you have to realize is that they talk a great game but if you notice they don’t back up their claims. Just like Thulai van Maanen will lie to suit the situation. Here are two posts from her. The first was taken just before 6 June 2017, the second one was a few days later. You can see her saying that she had blocked me which is correct. But then she lies states she was blocked by me. To read more about her issues you can go here

I like Mark but how can one be gentle or tactful about a fraud? Does it hurt the pansies of the world when their idol is exposed? Boo hoo hoo and lol to the pansies of the world.

This is what the Plumley lovers of the world like to do when their heroes are exposed. They use angry denials, character assassination etc when confronted with hard facts. It took me this long to understand that Mark B. actually enables this type of people. Mark could do much better on his own like he did in the original Trigger Time. It’s still there but the FB people have taken it over. Mark is too afraid of losing a few when in the long run it would prune the tree in a good way.

Mark, you should go back to your own Trigger Time website and also approve all posts. Letting these sad excuses for human beings vent their hate would go a long way in bringing back Trigger Time to its former glory.

These haters will hate this article because it exposes them for what they are. If you actually read my narratives the facts are the centerpiece. When you look at the haters you will see it is really about envy to a large degree.

Brian N. Siddall
June 11, 2017

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