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Barn Sleeping

This is a letter from a Company B 506th soldier. During the Bulge what they call a Lifehack now (or what we used to call common sense) occurred.

The three men mentioned in this letter to George Koskimaki were Medic Eugene De La Cruz ASN 19087982, Sargent Lee Rogers ASN 39183954 and Private Robert Flory ASN 15331677 the Supply Clerk.

(The name of the furry friend we still don't know to this day)

                                "Approx. Dec 23rd, 1944


After the Noville withdrawal, the 1st battalion went into regimental reserve at a place called Savy. My squad found haven in an old barn. It was starting to turn cold, snow was falling and food was non-existent. We were fairly snug in that barn and I remember sleeping in a hay manger. One night I was awakened by a sharp pain in my right ear lobe.


I reached my hand up and felt something furry. A rat had bitten through my ear lobe. I was bleeding profusely and woke Gene DeLaCruz, our medic. He dressed my ear and said not to worry; you've had your tetanus shot. To this day 1 shudder every time I see a rat!


One thing about Lee Rogers; he was one savvy soldier. Not one man in his squad suffered from trench foot. As soon as the weather turned cold, he took us in the barn and made us take off our boots and socks. Then he showed us how to take strands of hay and twist them to fit between our toes. Pulling our socks and boots back on, you could feel the friction when you walked, creating better circulation.


Bob Flory"


Brian Siddall
February 25, 2023


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