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John Rogoshewski at Dead Cold Ridge


This morning as every morning was preparing the next days Soldier of the Day.  Went to find the Morning Report showing the date John Rogoshewski was wounded to add to the history of what happened to him 9 June.  3 hours later and I’m just finishing up this article.


It turns out that John Rogoshewski was part of another article Dead Cold Ridge written February of 2023.  Didn’t have a clue until I went through all of the Morning Reports and Maps while looking for what happened to him.  Sometimes you fall way down the Rabbit Hole when doing research.  This was one of those times.  Below is the history for John Rogoshewski’s time in the Army, start to finish. 


Here is a link to all of the Records for John Rogoshewski showing when he joined Company C, when he was wounded and where for Normandy, Holland and the Bulge along with all of his wounds and the Maps that go along with this article.    


Private First Class John Rogoshewski (Army Serial Number 12095600) fought in three campaigns starting 6 June 1944 in Normandy and dying in Bastogne 19 December 1944.  Rogoshewski was an original member of Company C 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment (and the 506th became attached to the 101st Airborne Division while still in the USA).  Rogoshewski eventually became First Scout for his Platoon.


After the 6 June jump Rogoshewski was wounded for the first time 9 June when a Sniper hit him.  He was fighting in and around Saint-Côme-du-Mont.  Rogoshewski was sent back to England and was admitted a second time for his original injury.  He then came back to the Company in August and jumped into Holland 17 September 1944.


Rogoshewski was wounded again 20 September while scouting the Zon Bridge.  He rejoined Company C a week later 27 September.  


Before his next campaign Rogoshewski ended up on the BBC Radio talking about his first two battles, Normandy and Holland.  It was a very interesting 2:45 interview to say the least.


This leads us to his last battle and the end of his life, the well named “Battle of the Bulge”.  The official campaign was named the Ardennes.  The 506th Parachute Infantry passed through Hermoule before they arrived at Noville, Belgium early 19 December 1944.


To read the rest of what happened this day to Private First Class Rogoshewski and the other men from Company C you can go here;


Dead Cold Ridge



BN Siddall

January 15, 2024

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