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No one likes Fakes and Liars and That's Bindo Grasso To a Tee.

Two California cities, Orcutt and Guadalupe unwittingly honored Stolen Valor October 5, 2019. Why cities donít check the veteran to make sure they are legit is a problem.

Bando Grasso was buried October 5, 2019 as a hero by these two cities. They donít know that Grasso never served one day in combat in WWII. Grasso was a Paratrooper but he was never in the line of fire.

Bindo Grasso was a member of the 515th Parachute Infantry Regiment Co B part of the 13th Airborne Division. The 515th went overseas January 25, 1945 and got to France Feb 10, 1945. The 13th Airborne Division was in reserve for the rest of the war and never got into battle. Attached are his Separation Papers (53-55) and it matches up with everything, even his Shadow Box.

The 515th then went back to the States in August of 1945 as they were going to be heading to Japan. After the bombs that made it moot. 

Grasso has been telling people for years it seems that he was in Normandy. He was not as he was in the United States until the end of January 1945 as mentioned above according to the records. Grasso claimed to have been a Pathfinder in Normandy and told people for years that he was in the iconic photo of Paratroopers with Eisenhower just before the jump into Normandy. Those are both lies.

In interviews with Grasso he said he was in the 515th and was in Normandy. The 515th was never part of the 101st Abn Div, and the 515th was never in Normandy.

The paper Santa Maria Times has a picture of two paratroopers and said that the one with Grasso was a Pathfinder and that the picture was taken in France. No, it was taken in Camp Mackall, North Carolina in 1944.

When you look at Grasso shadow box with his awards you can see a few things. The first thing that stands out is that he didn't have the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB). The second is that he has two Bronze Service Stars. Grasso didnít have the Bronze Star Medal either because he didnít have a CIB.

The reason he doesn't have the CIB? The 515th Prcht Inf was never in combat. The two Bronze Service Stars are for a unit that was in the Theater of Operation but they didnít have to be in combat to receive it. The 515th was in two different Theater of Operations, Rhineland February 8, 1945 to 21 March 1945 and Central Europe March 22, 1945 to May 8, 1945 (the end of the European War).

I know that Grasso friends will be upset as hell and try to take it out on the messenger. These are people with issues that I canít fix as Iím not a shrink and people who get bent over a fake hero need help. They will piss and moan and say the records were poor, the records are wrong etc. They donít want to admit they were screwed over for years by Grasso.

There is no doubt that he was in Co B of the 515th Parachute Infantry Regiment during WWII. This comes from the 13th Abn Div Yearbook along with his 53-55 Discharge.  Even his address is in there in both the Yearbook and his 53-55.

Iím run into this before and Iím sure will again. Liars canít help but lie, itís in their blood.  This is an unusual one in that someone has threatened to have me arrested for using documentation.  That is a first.

This is an addition due to the people in Bindo's town.  They refuse to believe that he was not in Normandy.  One of the town's people has even go so far as to say they have called the local Sherriff.  They said that the document for the 53-55 is fake and that's harassment. 

The 53-55 Separation Paperwork came from NARA in St. Louis.  Even better they used a raised seal from NARA.  If some want to say that the documents are fake then that means that the Army and NARA have faked the document.  It doesn't work like that in the real world. 

Here is an even large picture of that section.

(just click on it so see the larger image) 

Stolen Valor is Stolen Valor.  If they still want to support that, that's their right to dishonor the 400,000 American who died in WWII.  Most people after reading the article and look at the documentation will realize that he wasn't in Normandy or even in combat in WWII.


Brian N. Siddall
November 4, 2019
November 6, 2019

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