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Itís Time to Bring the Boys Back Home

Right now only a select few can afford to visit a relative buried overseas, but if the Boys are brought home then all can visit their loved ones in person. All of the dead from Korea forward have been brought home. Why have we left the Soldiers from WWI and WWII buried around the world?

There are 140,000 dead buried throughout Europe and beyond. If we had no problem bringing home almost 100,000 dead from both Korea and Vietnam along with our current wars (36,000 Korean and 58,000 Vietnam and 5,000 for the Middle East) why canít we bring up the WWI & WWII men too?

At the end of WWII, the United States had the wherewithal to bring all 400,000 home but 125,000 families didnít have the money to bring them home or in some cases, these was a splint in a family about this issues. A majority of the issue though was money. The Government only offered to pay for the first $75.00. The rest had to be paid for by the family.

The United States has the money to bring back the WWI & WWII dead today, so why canít this be done? If the families didnít either care or want those men they can be buried in National Cemeteries around the United States. I think a majority of those would want to have their loved ones buried in their hometown. There is plenty of room in the National Cemeteries for these honored dead.

All of the unknown dead from WWI and WWII could be buried together in a communal cemetery. Before being reburied here in the United States DNA could be done on all of them and when they are identified later they could be then buried in their home towns where they grew up.

The ABMC would then not have a reason to exist. That means $74,000,000 could be saved annually. That means that they would be out on the street. The ABMC already dishonors the men buried overseas and only have their jobs because of patronage.

This would be the old adage, two birds with one stone. Soldiers brought home and $74,000,000 a year in savings to boot. This also means that if a foreign country is overthrown by the anti-American regime they canít dishonor our buried dead.

What will happen the day a regime takes over a country that despises America? This came up when Turkey had an attempted Coup in 2016. When in this case a Muslim Country takes Sharia law and it has American dead buried there, what will happen to them?

If a power like ISS came to power any cemeteries that arenít their religion would be plowed under and lost to history. A country like Turkey could eventually become like that. Then none of the countries population could visit any Australian, English etc cemeteries there. Eventually, they might even be wiped off the face of the earth.

Brian Siddall
May 27, 2017

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