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I just spoke with the HRC and this is nothing but a cover up. No different than when the Army lied about the death of Pat Tillman. They tried to cover up the fact that Tillman's own Platoon killed him.

The Army is trying to allow a fraud like Plumley to keep awards on a headstone he didn't earn. The people who have a problem with it is the Army itself and Benning.

Just for an aside the unit mentioned, the Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR) at HRC said you have to contact them if you want the record changed. The only person who can petition the ABCMR is either the Veteran themselves or if dead a family member.

Benning doesn't even have the correct name or acronym saying Army Board of Corrections for Military Records (ABCMR).  The correct information for the unit is this; Army Review Boards Agency (ARBA).  Benning's information for the ABCMR came from Colonel Melinda Romero at the ADB (Awards and Decorations Branch).  The ADB at the HRC (Human Resources Command) can't even get that right.

No one else can contact them about this issue. That would be like a bank robber caught red-handed but the police can't arrest him without the robber's say so. Does it even make sense, no, of course not. The Army is trying to protect a fraud. Benning itself doesn't do their due diligence when requesting a headstone. They just take everyone's word. Who know how long that has been going on for?

The Army used to mean something but not anymore. Fraud is approved by the US Army. I now understand when a friend says if some stays in the Army for a career it's because they couldn't keep a job in the real world. I never used to believe it but I do now. There are exceptions to every rule but for the most part no. The driven and smart ones get out well before 20 years.

The Col who is the head of ADB was caught changing a WWII General Order from the 82nd Abn Div and when the Army was told they said, so what. This means that any records in the hands of the ADB can be changed without penalty. Yet, they say they can't change Plumley's records even though he falsified them starting in 1950. It was in his own writing and yet the Army doesn't care.

Ft. Benning is a place where honor used to matter but not now. To allow a known liar like Plumley buried next to Heroes is frightening indeed.


BN Siddall


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