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If you havenít dealt with Dorr before please read these first;


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I guess you could call this Case Study Part 2 (just saw it for the first time even though it was first put up on his site back in 2017).  Someone let me know about this newest example of some fine work there Lou.


Dorr once again created a narrative that didnít happen saying that the Germans set a Paratrooper on fire, that they were trapped in a Hedgerow etc.  That isnít what occurred June 6, 1944. 


The soldiers that were there were all in Hq Co 1st Bn 506th Prcht Inf.  There names were Sgt Clifford M. Halstead, Cpl George R. Bailey, Pvts James G. Campos, Lawrence R. Doyle and George J. Rigaux.


According to Mark Bando those 5 soldiers landed in and around the German Holdy position and were killed in a firefight right after landing.  I canít vouch for that but in this case itís germane to this article. 


As mentioned above, Dorr said that one of the soldiers was set afire.  That did not happen as all of the Surgeon Generalís Report (SGO) told a very different story.  Sgt Halstead was shot in the head as was Pvt Rigaux Cpl Bailey and Pvt Campos where shot in the throat region.


This leaves Pvt Doyle who was the center of this article.  Dorr like that he was burned alive and to prove that he produced a Dog Tag that Dorr said was proof as it was burned.  There are a few problems about this though; the first being that Pvt Doyle was killed by artillery according to his SGO with no mention of burns.  Dorr also said that two men were bayoneted and mutilated.  Same problem it doesnít show any of those types of wounds on the SGO.   


The second problem is the Dog Tag itself as it wasnít burned.  How do we know this?  Here is an example of Dog Tab that has been burned and the Dog Tag he has wasnít burned.  The second example that is the same type as the one he clamed was burned.  Nope, just a variation and defiantly not burned as this Paratrooper died due to a chute malfunction. 


The worst part of this though isnít the false narrative.  The real problem is twofold; the first there is no way to authenticate this Dog Tag.  The bigger problem is that even if this is real why this hasnít been given to the family of Pvt Doyle.  Oh right, the Gettysburg Museum of History tried to sell a bloodstained bible to the son and granddaughter of Pfc Jettie House who had the Bible on his body when killed in a POW strafing June 7, 1944.  


And letís not forget that Army Dog Tags are the property of the US Army, especially after death.  If you look at an Individual Deceased Personnel File (IDPF) you will see Dog Tags in that file once in a while.  Those arenít sent back to the family let alone a ďcollectorĒ. 


Iím surprised that the Gettysburg Museum of History hasnít pulled out their ďWe authenticated itĒ Shtick.  Bottom line is that the Dog Tag canít be authenticated and even if real it should be in the hands of the Doyle family not the Gettysburg Museum of History.

Sad too is that the Dorr "story" has been around for years and you'd hope the family hadn't heard that their loved one had burned alive on D-Day but was killed by an artillery shell.  Not a great way to go but burning to death is something no one wants.



Brian N. Siddall

August 16, 2023

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