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When reading this please remember that this is very dense article as this is WWII Military Terminology.  Feel free to email me with questions and ask for the footnote reports at the bottom of this article.

In a nutshell, Leo A. Dumouchelle was in WWII but was never a POW or a Pathfinder in Normandy.  Dumouchelle was not in Normandy at all in WWII.  Maybe he went on vacation years later but he was never there during the war.  He also claims to have been in the Sicily Jump and Italy Jump with Co C of the 307th which once again is a lie.  

Leo A. Dumouchelle has lied about his exploits in WWII.  Dumouchelle was interviewed by Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum in San Luis Obispo, CA.  In the interview with Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum Dumouchelle states he was in Normandy and was a Pathfinder there. 

The paper trail for Dumouchelle is as follows;

On the March Morning Reports it shows him coming into the 82nd and the 307th at the end of February 1944.[1]  It shows him coming in from a Personal Center #6 as he had just recently got off the ship in Africa then they flew to Naples as an Anzio replacements.

The actual General Orders with all of the 82nd Abn Div Pathfinders[2] were given to Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum along with proof that he was not in Normandy, let alone a Pathfinder.   

When a person comes in or leaves a Company the name will show up.  In this case Dumouchelle comes in from a furlough 29 May of 1944 and is still there showing Dumouchelle going on furlough again 26 July to 30 July[3] as his name does not appear again which means he was in England between 29 May and 26 July, not in Normandy.  Every day of May though July show him in England with Co C of the 307th Abn Engr Bn (C).  Co C of the 307th did not go into Normandy. 

Dumouchelle is not allowed to wear the CIB (Combat Infantryman Badge) as he was in an Engineer unit, in this case the 307th Abn Engr Bn (C).[4]  The unit itself shows whether an Infantryman[5] or in this case CE (Combat Engineer).[6]  This also means he is not allowed to wear the Bronze Star Medal unless he won it during the war and would need the General Order to wear the Bronze Star Medal.  The men with the CIB were awarded the Bronze Star Medal in 1947.[7] 

Letting students listen to him speak is sad.  He was in WWII with Co C of the 307th Abn Engr Bn (C).  He was in Anzio starting 26 February 1944 then in Holland September 17, 1944.  It canít be commented on the rest as I do not have that paperwork.  The paperwork showing Dumouchelle in England and never went to Normandy and was not Pathfinder in Normandy. 

Corporal Elmer Q. Siddall was in Co B 307th Abn Engr Bn (C) and was killed on 6 June 1944.  That someone like Dumouchelle would lie about his service in Normandy is a disgrace.  He has insulted the men killed in Normandy and the Pathfinders who went in before the main Paratroopers. 

Dumouchelle states that he was a POW, which is yet another lie.  In the footnotes is the link to the POW Records from NARA itself.  He was never a POW.[8]

Dumouchelle served at Anzio, Holland and most likely the Ardennes then into Germany.  Why Dumouchelle decided to lie about his service is unknown.  If he lied about Normandy what else has he lied about?

The photo supposedly Dumouchelle is all 101st men and have all been identified.  If you want the names they are in one of the DeTrez books St. Mere Eglise Book or the Guth book The Way Were Ė Cpl Forrest Guth.[9]

Someone like Dumouchelle hurts so many people because it brings into question every soldier from WWII who canít prove their work because they have no paperwork.  A majority of these men and women are telling the truth.  It is the .01% that makes everyone wonder who else is fabricating their war records.

Dumouchelle has have asked many times for his 53-55 Discharge papers from WWII and has refused every time.  There are 3 examples of 53-55 Discharges for WWII with this footnote.[10]   

The first shows a 507th Soldier with the Combat Infantryman Badge, the second shows a 507th Soldier withot the Combat Infantryman Badge (served with a FA (Field Artillery) Unit with the 8th Inf Div) and was not Infantry.  He was put into the 507th to go home as he had enough points.  The third 53-55 is for a Soldier who served with Co C of the 307th Abn Engr Bn (C).  It shows him as an Engineer and no Combat Infantryman Badge.

In the October 17, 2013 narrative I did not mention about his lie in Sicily and Salerno jumps with the 307th Abn Engr Bn (C).  The documents are now in an and it proves that he was not there either.  Here is the Payroll Record for October 1943 and his name is nowhere in the Payroll Records.[11]


BN Siddall

November 1, 2013

[11] 307th Abn Eng Bn (C) Co C Payroll Records October 1943



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