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                            Louis Horn Fraud and the Records

507th Prcht Inf replacement Louis Horn was not in Normandy in 1944, yet his name is associated with one two Plaques in Normandy including Lucien Hasley wall on Hill 30.  Horn actually has his name on the top of the plaque above the men who were actually there!  That is an insult to the men who were actually there and to someone like Lucien Halsey who honored the Normandy Soldiers. 

When I told Marty Morgan about Horn, Marty was shocked as he had put Horn in his book.  Marty now knows that  Horn was only in Normandy on vacation years later. 

Attached Morning Reports showing Louis Horn leaving Co C and into Serv Co as were the men had just arrived and were left behind in England. 

They were replacements for the next Campaign, which in this case was the Ardennes.

Also attached is the CIB for Louis Horn when he received his Award for the Ardennes.  You only get it once and only when you get into battle for the first time.

Why someone who was in both the Ardennes and Varsity and had to lie about his time in the service will never be understood. 

Horn was not at the Causeway at la Fiere June 1944.  He was there 60 years later, not in June 1944.  For the men who were killed and wounded and the men who made it across the Causeway, it is the ultimate insult. 


A little knowledge can be very dangerous.  I received an email on December 19, 2014 from someone who grabbed on to one piece of paper and tried to prove that Horn was in Normandy because other men were on the Ardennes list that were in Normandy.  He didn't look at all of the other documents as well about Horn. 

The men who had received a second and sometimes third CIB Awards and were retracted later were on the General Orders for the Normandy CIB's while Horn was not.

Horn was not on the Manifest for Normandy either and was on the Morning Reports being in England when the 507th Prcht Inf went into Normandy.

One good thing has come out of this though.  The Fakes and Liars are being moved from the front page to the Past Articles.  There are people like the December 19 emailer who always try to change history.  As I always say about this type of people;

Even if Jesus came back in person and told this type person that the answer was X this person would look at Jesus and say "Jesus I love ya but you're wrong because I know the answer is Y".

You can't ever win when dealing with these type people.

If you notice that the update is not on the front page and that is because the fakes and liars aren't newsworthy.  They are only deserving of derision.



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