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Galloway is a Writer of Fiction for LZ X-Ray

Before reading this below, I want to make this very clear that Vincent Cantu is not guilty of what Joe Galloway is accused him in the in the book We Were Soldiers Once.  This shows that Galloway would throw anyone under a bus to create a fictional story, even his high school classmate.

In one of the first accounts by Galloway of Ia Drang that was done in 1983 article in Soldier of Fortune Magazine.  Vincent Cantu is in the Soldier of Fortune Magazine and in We Were Soldiers Once… and Young.  The description in the 1983 Article and the 1992 Book are very difference.  The first thing is that Galloway couldn’t even write Vincent’s name correctly in the 1983 article.  Galloway has it spelled as Vicent instead of Vincent. 

The 1983 article has Galloway’s account of Vincent Cantu states Midmorning on the 15th a trooper jumped out of a mortar pit during a lull.  Galloway again states a “blessed lull” twice more.  Yet in the We Were Soldiers Book Galloway has Vincent Cantu crawling on his belly like a snake during a fierce battle to see who the photographer was.  Cantu then realized it was Galloway a classmate.

In the Galloway book We Were Soldiers Once Galloway states that he and Cantu “for a few brief moments stole away from the battle raging around them”.  I don’t think for a second that Vincent Cantu left his Mortar position to get his picture taken by a photographer in the middle of a battle.  

What Galloway is accusing Vincent Cantu is a court-martial offence Article 99 (pages 229 & 478.  Galloway by stating Vincent Cantu left his position in the middle of a battle means he Misbehavior Before the Enemy (pages 331 & 332). 

Does anyone really think that Vincent Cantu left his men in the heat of the battle to have a class reunion?  No.  Galloway didn’t care about Vincent Cantu, just his story.  Just by comparing the two stories between 1983 and the 1992 article you will see what Galloway has done to a classmate.  Galloway didn't even have Vincent Cantu's name in 1965.      

There is no question that Cantu never said those words in the 1992 We Were Soldiers Once.. book.  You can see how Galloway re-wrote a 9 year old interview to make himself look better at the expense of Vincent Cantu. 


Brian Siddall

June 26, 2016



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