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This Time a Mayor Wasnít What He Appeared to Be

Another Normandy fake has come to light.  George A. Hash the former Mayor of Umatilla, Oregon.   It only came to light after his death April 12, 2019 as in his obituary it mentioned what unit he was in.  It had him listed as jumping into Normandy with the 101st Airborne Division as a part of the 502nd Parachute Infantry.  Here are his records.

When I see something like that I always like to get the Morning Reports and Medical records if possible and send it to the soldier himself or in this case a family member. 

Just because the obit said he was in Normandy doesnít always mean the deceased claimed to have been there.  Saw right away that Hash wasnít in Normandy as the Morning Reports shows him going into the hospital at the end of May 1944 with dysentery.  Went looking for any interviews for Hash and indeed he did claim to have been in Normandy.

Itís interesting that in an interview he said he was in Normandy but had to go back to England because he was sick.  There are three levels of fakes, the outright liar like Cook, there is a liar who was in Normandy but wasnít a Paratrooper and then there is the largest portion of liars who claim to have fought in Normandy.  That was Hash.   

Went through the Morning Reports deeper and determined that he did jump into Holland and was captured September 19, 1944.    

At what point Hash started lying saying that he was in Normandy I have no idea.  But there is a park named after him as well.  This man had an interesting and full life, a WWII Veteran and a POW and yet it wasnít enough.  How many more like him were out there like Hash and Izumi weíll never know but it is a stain on the 99.9% who donít feel the need to lie about their time in service.

Brian Siddall
May 1, 2019


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