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This is one of the more interesting results.  Early this morning (February 13, 2016) I uploaded another Normandy Soldier of the Day.  This was one was about Pvt Sam Marzulla, Co A 325th Gli Inf 82nd Abn Div.  Pvt Marzulla death was listed as DOI (Died of Injury) on June 7, 1944.

I then extrapolated by saying he was one of the 14 men from Co A who died when Horsa LJ-135 flipped over and crashed.  Within a few minutes I received a FB request after reading my new post.  I then reread my post and realized that he was not one of the 14 men who died on that Glider in the two iconic photographs.  I instantly corrected my error but I still had a nagging suspicion that Pvt Marzulla was part of this crash.

There were 29 Co A men on this Glider plus the 2 Pilots.  The Pilot was killed and the Co-Pilot was injured.  14 Co A men were killed on impact and 15 were evacuated to a Field Hospital. 

Here is a breakdown for the Glider Landings for Co A that day June 7, 1944.  There were 5 Horsa Gliders and 1 CG4 Glider.  Co A had 162 men who were scheduled to go to Normandy.  Out of the 5 Horsa Gliders and 1 CG4 Glider 152 men came in by Gilder and 10 by Boat.  The first Glider had 14 killed and 15 injured, the second had 2 injured, the third had no injuries, the fourth had 12 injured and the fifth never left the airfield.  The CG4 Glider had one man who was injured.

Gliders 1, 2 and 4 landed close to each other, 2000 yards southeast of LZ W.  The 3rd Glider came in 3000 yards east of LZ W.  The CG4 Glider came in 2000 from LZ W but no direction though.  Gliders 1, 2 and 4 landed just south west of St. Come-du-Mont at coordinates:  403:923.  There were 14 Co A men killed on landing and 14 were buried at Hiesville Cemetery the next day June 8.  This means they were all from Glider LJ-135.  The reason being two fold; the first none of the other Co A men were killed on landing.  Second was the fact that the injured men were listed as evacuated.

This means they were taken to another location.  In this case the 4th Med Bn 4th Inf Div just off Utah Beach.  4 of the men evacuated to Utah Beach were listed as Seriously Injured in Action.  One man died later on June 7 and the other Wendell Stein died on June 11 listed with DOI.  The man who died on June 7 was Pvt Sam Marzulla listed as DOI.  This is the man from yesterday I had original said was killed in the Glider Crash and then corrected my article. 

I can say without a doubt due to documentation that the 14 men from Co A pictured showing them covered next to the Glider were the men who died in Horsa LJ-135.  Iíve attached the documentation to go along with this article.  The 15th man who died in the crash was Flight Officer Richard G. Mercer the Pilot.

Pvt Marzulla & Pfc Stein who died after being evacuated were in either Glider LJ-135, LG-998 or LJ-218.  Since only Glider LJ-135 was listed as destroyed Pvt Marzulla & Pfc Stein were a part of that crew.  There were 30 men who were injured on June 7.  Attached to this article are the Hospital Admission Cards for 23 out of the 30 men including Pvt Marzulla & Pfc Stein.  Also attached are the Hospital Admission Cards for the 15 men who were killed in the Glider and buried in Hiesville Cemetery.  Included are the Morning Reports for Co A and examples of a Horsa Manifest and a CG4 Manifest for June 7.

In all are 83 pages attached in a PDF format.  Page 1 is one the two iconic picture taken June 7, 1944.  That comes from Mark Bandoís book 101st Airborne:  The Screaming Eagles at Normandy.  Pages 2 and 3 have the Flight Lists.  Pages 4 thru 18 have the Hospital Card Admission Cards and detailed records for the 15 men who were killed on landing.  The Morning Reports for Co A of the 325th Gli In 82nd Abn Div are from pages 19 thru 56.  Pages 57 thru 81 have the Hospital Card Admission Cards and detailed records for the 25 out of 30 Co A men injured that day.  The last two pages are examples of Horsas and CG4 Manifests from Peter Turnbull. 

Here is the list of the men Killed outright on June 7, 1944 

Flight Officer              Mercer, Richard G.

First Lieutenant          Gayley, Jim A.

Sergeant                   Vonrdruska, Edward G.

Corporal                    Curlee, Dave E.

Private First Class       Alessi, Mario

Private First Class       Corlett, Walter E.

Private First Class       Gibson, Roy C.

Private First Class       Schaeffer, David

Private First Class       Smith, Arnold

Private                      McCormick, James C.

Private                      McQuade, Thomas J.

Private                      Parker, Billy D.

Private                      Parsons, Sherwood B.

Private                      Sagalowitz, Nat

Private                      Weiss, Murvin A.


And the men who were injured on landing;

First Lieutenant          Heckman, Wilbur E.

Second Lieutenant      Katz, Stanley R.

Technical Sergeant     Owens, Harold E.

Staff Sergeant            Lemberger, Carl L., Jr.

Staff Sergeant            Robbins, Glen H.

Sergeant                   Franz, Edward J.

Private First Class       Arnold, Donald L.

Private First Class       Augustine, Tony D.

Private First Class       Brister, Robert M.

Private First Class       Dillon, Joe

Private First Class       Harter, Clyde I.

Private First Class       Kieffer, Edward A.

Private First Class       Lockwood, Loyal W.

Private First Class       Morio, James P.

Private First Class       Schug, Alfred M.

Private First Class       Springer, Chester

Private First Class       Stacks, Wendell A.

Private First Class       Stein, Wendell Jr.       Died of Injuries June 11, 1944

Private First Class       Veberg, Bernard O.

Private                       Barnes, James D.

Private                       Marzulla, Sam             Died of Injuries June 7, 1944

Private                       Monteleone, Ralph S.

Private                       Nigro, Salvatore J.

Private                       Rowe, Horace L.

Private                       Warnetzke, Theodore R.


Documentation for Co A of the 325th Gli Inf 82nd Abn Div Crash


Brian Siddall

February 14, 2016



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