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Izumi wasnít in Europe until April 18, 1945
(Case Closed)

This is getting tiresome and insulting to all of the men who were killed and wounded in Bastogne.  Izumiís family walked around town in Bastogne December of 2019 with a hand written ďdocumentĒ from 2007 saying that it proved he was there.  Izumi wasn't there. 

The problem is that ďdocumentĒ from 2007 have been discredited by Tim Moore himself who wrote the ďdocumentĒ.  More Army documents have arrived from the St. Louis including his Service Record. These records are untouched by the fire.  One of the key documents (front and back) is the one Izumi signed on March 24, 1945 at Ft. Benning, Georgia and witnessed and signed by 1st Lt Mary J. Niles (WAC).  Itís hard to have been in two places at once (Bastogne and Ft. Benning).

All of the records presented are from Izumiís Service Record and his 201 files, not from the 53-55 as the family stated.  The March 24, 1945 record is part of his 201 files.  The 53-55 information is taken from the Service Records and his Soldierís Qualification Card.  The Service Records are the Bible in a way along with the Morning Reports.  Everything else flows from those two sources including the Soldierís Qualification Card and eventually the 53-55 Discharge document.

The documentation in the Service Record and Soldierís Qualification Card were done the day they are put into the Service Records.  If there is a change it will be noted that there was a change.  Izumiís whole time in the Army is there in his Service Record and his Soldierís Qualification Card.

A Soldierís Qualification Card was created the first day in active duty.  In a way itís an early version of the 53-55 document.  It was a crib sheet of his Service Record.  The 53-55 comes from the Service Record as mentioned above.

You will also see a report from Izumi Air Force records as well.  The 1963 record says that Izumi came overseas in WWII in December of 1944.  That is not true as he was just starting Parachute Jump School December 18, 1944 and graduated January 19, 1945.

Izumi on Air Force AF Form 7 saying that he left for Europe in December 1944 is a no-no. This type of an offence on an official Air Force document falls under Article 107 for making false official statements.  The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the Defense Department's authority to prosecute retired service members for crimes they commit, even after retirement.  

On the Army side Izumi was wearing a Combat Infantry Badge in a photo taken August of 1945.  This is what happens in the Army if you are wearing unauthorized awards and decoration.  It gets worse on this form AF Form 7.  Izumi also listed that he was entitled to wear the following two decorations; The French and Belgian Fourrageres.  Izumi is not entitled to wear either one of the French and Belgian Fourrageres.  

On the back side of Air Force Form AF Form 7 the family says look he was in the Bastogne because of what is written on the front.  That is just a listing of the last two (on page 2, bottom right) out of four for the campaigns in Northern Europe.  Do you know what's not listed The Ardennes-Alsace - 16 December 1944 - 25 January 1945 Campaign.  If you were in Bastogne you got credit for that Campaign.

When Izumi asked for his records to be changed by the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) it seems he has committed a crime by lying to the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA).  Both the United States Air Force Inspector General and the Army Inspector General should be looking into his false records.

Izumi relative said they canít figure out why his records show he went overseas 5 April 1945.  The reason it says that?  Itís because thatís when he went overseas.  The family canít wrap their head around that fact as they say over and over "but Izumi has told us for years he was in Bastogne".  Figure it out people.


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March 1, 2020

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