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Explanation for two sections of the Morning Report for December 23, 1944 (Itís hard to read hence the breakdown)

23 December 1944
Co L 1st PTR TPS Inf (Company L 1st Parachute Training Regiment The Parachute School Infantry)

Fort Benning, Georgia  


MCC (Military Civilian Code) 482
Izumi, Robert N.  377699027(72)

(This matches up with both his Service Record and his Qualification Card)

Pvt (Private) MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 745 (Rifleman)


Second part of this Morning Report,


Above 9 EM atchd unasgd & jd Co 21 Dec 44 fr INTC Cp Blanding Fla Race Jap-An per 5 Ltr C A-16 Hq TPS this sta


Above 9 Enlisted Men attached unassigned & joined Company 21 December 1944 from INTC Camp Blanding, Florida Race Japan per 5 Letter C A-16 Headquarters The Parachute School this station


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