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Not a Clue
("Nuts" Indeed)

I received an early Christmas present of sorts when word came down the pike that Bandoís (SUPER SECRET Facebook group) Trigger Time was in a heated discussion about the Nobuo R. Izumi (the Manoian of Bastogne) article Iíd just published two days before.

Low and behold they werenít just talking about my article but they actually had a link to it!  Will the world never ceases to amaze?  There were the usual whiners up front and center, like Glen Mallen, Rob Stark, Jamie Garner and Paul Woodadge.

There were some reasonable discussions as well which doesnít happen much on Tripper Time anymore.  Then Stacey Hayashi came into Trigger Time and proceeded to embarrass herself.  Most people didnít know of Stacey Hayashi before Thursday but we do now.  Stacey seems to be Izumiís handler along with another person I didnít know, a Jeff DS (Salard).  On Trigger Time she first started by saying Morning Reports have tons of errors.  She was corrected ASAP by the group. 

Stacey then decided to try and defame my reputation.  Defamation definition is as follows; when someone's words end up causing harm to your reputation or your livelihood.  In this case she called me unbalanced and an old meenie/hateful person.  She sounded like a bitter middle aged woman at the age of 42.  When someone tries to defame someoneís reputation they should have a reputation themselves first.  More about this in a few minutes.    

This move by Stacey is right out of the Bandoís playbook.  Bando attacked a 4 Generation Gold Star Family and called them crazy.  Here is that article if you need a refresher course; because Bando couldnít get his way.

It shows that some people really should have a handler themselves when they post without thinking.  The day before this meltdown by Stacey I had been in contact with Tim Gray about my latest article.  I had just heard about Stacey from all of the pics with Izumi while in Bastogne.  He said that he had a meeting coming up with her the next week or so.

Then the next day Stacey shot herself in the foot as the saying goes by trying to hurt my feelings (which made me laugh at her instead).  I then discovered that Tim had announced a 2020 Memorial Day Documentary ďFighting For HIS Country.Ē  I of course figured out what the meeting with Tim was in relation to Stacey.

I messaged Tim again and gave him the lowdown on Staceyís bizarre post.  Iím sure that will be an interesting meeting when it happens.  Iíd called Izumi out in January of 2017 to a lesser degree.   Please check my article here if needed;

Some more Stacey tidbits as follows; does she think that someone is available to speak on a Friday night just before Christmas?  She expected someone to answer their phone at a moments notice to talk with someone they donít know?  Stacey said she had someone named Jeff DS call me on Friday.  Well low and behold look what showed up.  Three calls in a row on Friday night.  The first one was 30 seconds of nothing.  Then the second phone message started screaming like a 5 year old, same for the third phone message

There was no number attached to the three calls.  That right there means I wonít answer a call from someone with a blocked number.  I think most people take the same view.  Secondly the ranting from this Jeff DS shows a few things.  First he hides his last name on FB and then he never identifies himself on the three phone calls. 

When reading Staceyís post to Woodadge the way Stacey phrases it she is calling Jeff DS ďunstableĒ and hateful not me.  I realize she was trying to point it to me but her grammar is poor, so it looks like it's Jeff DS she is calling out.  The irony is of course after listening to what Jeff DS said that Stacey was subconsciously right the first time.

So to recap the Stacey and Jeff DS timeline lets start with December 20, 2018 the day the Nobuo R. Izumi article came out.  Then on December 22, 2018 the Trigger Time meltdown occurred.  I listened to the December 21, 2018 disturbing calls from this Jeff DS.  The only reason I know itís him is because Stacey mentioned in her Trigger Time post of December 22, 2018 that Jeff DS had tried to call me.

The interesting point about Jeff DS bizarre messages are that he said over and over again why donít you (me) answer and produce evidences.   He canít be that bright because he called and left that message on Friday December 21, 2018 and the documentation was already online in my article.  It seems he didnít read the article at all, just went off on someone elseís say.

I also read a post from someone named Peter Plank in the Trigger Time discussion about Nobuo R. Izumi.  Plank stated that he had all Nobuo R. Izumi's pertinent documentation and said if only Iíd reached out to him none of this would have happened.  In his post after saying he had the proof that Izumi was in Bastogne, Plank uses this for evidence; why didnít I talk with the men who fought with him, wrote about him and people who knew him.  Guess what? That isnít evidence but the documents in the article are. 

Do you know what Hayashi, Jeff DS and Plank have in common?  Right, Nobuo R. Izumi.  Figure it out from there as the old saying goes. 

These are just the most current examples of what is happening in Europe with WWII Veterans and their handlers.  With the 75th Anniversary coming up quick, Normandy and Bastogne better vet all of the Veterans they are bringing over.  If not, both in June and December of 2019 more of the same will occur.

Brian N. Siddall
December 26, 2018

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