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Narrative for 1st Lt Phillip Katz

1st Lt Phillip Katz ASN 0-430360 was in both the 82nd Abn Div and the 17th Abn Div as the 507th was transferred to the 17th Abn Div August of 1944.


Lt Katz joined the 507th Prcht Inf 2 April 1944 and became part of Hq & Hq Co.  His MOS was Assistant Regimental S-2 (Intelligence).  1st Lt Katz came in from Hq Field Force Replacement Depot #8.


He went into the 30th General Hospital 13 April 1944 as he broke a bone on a practice jump and came back to Hq & Hq Co 24 April 1944.


On 28 May 1944 1st Lt Katz along with 2 other Officers were transferred to Service Company.  1st Lt Katz didnít go because of his 13 April injury.


Katz received his Combat Infantrymanís Badger 22 February 1945 for being in combat between 26 December 1944 to 11 February 1945.  The CIB is awarded to Infantry Soldiers for their first time in combat.


1st Lt Katz jumped into Germany 24 April 1945 with Hq Co 1st Bn 507th Prcht Inf 17th Abn Div.

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