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Sadly yet another WWII Fraud in our midst, this time itís a 508th Prcht Inf Cook who claims to have been in Normandy.  The only problem being that had got off the boat in June 1944 in Scotland arriving from America.

The name is Adelchi A. Pilutti and yet another liar about his time in combat.  The University in Mississippi is creating a Diorama to commemorate his feat except it is not true.  He first joined the 508th Prcht Inf August 7, 1944.[1]  According to his accounts given to Marc Poole at the Fine Arts Department, MGCCC - JC Campus he states that he lead a stick of men into Normandy.  A Private never led a stick.  A Sergeant that led a stick in Normandy was on one plane for the 800 plus planes.  Please remember that Pilutti was in Scotland at this time.[2]

Someone like him is an insult to the men who actually went in. He did not jump in Holland either. He came in by truck as he was a Cook[3]. He never saw one second of combat in the front lines in WWII. Even his Combat Infantry Badge is strange. He received if on 25 September 1944[4]. He is the only 508th Prcht Inf man to not get it on 17 September 1944 date after the Holland Campaign. He was not wounded on 17 September 1944 as he was still in England at that time period.  His CIB was awarded April 4, 1945.

Pilutti was not in the Ardennes either; he was in a hospital with a Non-Battle Injury.[5]  He came back into the 508th Prcht Inf March 1945.  The Ardennes Campaign was between 16 December 1944 and 25 January 1945.  Please check the Morning Reports showing him Non-Battle just before the Ardennes.

Pilutti was in two campaigns the Rhineland and Central Europe, thatís it.  He was a Pfc at the end of the war.[6]  His 53-55 Discharge paper shows that someone altered his records as well.  He did not arrive in time for Normandy as someone in their own ink changed it.  If you notice
Pilutti was not entitled to the Bronze Star Arrowhead for either Normandy or Holland.[7]  That means he never jumped out of an airplane into combat.

Iím really getting sick of the fakes coming out of the woodwork.  This is another example of someone taking the credit that belongs to real soldiers, not a lying Cook.  He even got St. Louis NPRC in on the errors in 2001.[8]  They have him as being in Normandy when in fact he wasnít.

Please check the Documentation it speaks much louder that his lies.  Here are his records in order. [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], [14], [15], [16], [17], [18]

You can see here how the time overseas is counted.[19]  The Pilutti 53-55 shows he actually left 30 May 1944 if you look at the dates he was overseas, not the handwritten 10 May date. [20]



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