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Memorial Day is coming up again like it does every year like death and taxes.  It amazes me that people honor all who have severed our country.  Thatís not what Memorial Day is all about.  Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died in uniform.  We seem as a country to be getting dumber each and every year.


Attached to this narrative is the report showing what happened to this soldier who died December 31, 1944.  This soldier was Paul Tertychny a member of Battery B 377th Parachute Fiend Artillery 101st Airborne Division. 


Private Tertychny went out that night to repair a telephone wire that had been damaged.  While Tertychny was repairing the line he was hit by artillery.  They brought him back to the Command Post.  Private Tertychny took 4 hours to die of his wounds.  The officer who filled out this form stated that the Private was in intense pain for those 4 hours until he died. 


The Morning Report matches up to a point but it doesnít tell the whole story.  Private Tertychny on the Morning Report shows that he was killed in action.  That wasnít true as he died of his wounds 4 hours after the attack.  Sometimes the Reports/Records donít tell the whole story.


This is what Memorial Day is about, not parties or a day off from work or sales at the locale Wal-Mart.  Most seem to have forgotten what this is all about.  Try and remember that this day is for those who never came home.



Brian N. Siddall

May 25, 2024


(Thanks to Jim Bigley for the Citation)

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