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Here is yet another LIAR paratrooper in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment.  His name was Murray F. Moorhatch Here are his records. 

Moorhatch claims to have been in both Normandy and Holland to go along with the Bulge.  Moorhatch was in the Bulge for a cup of coffee and that was it.  He was never in Normandy or Holland with the 506th

The reports attached to this show Moorhatch joined the 506th on October 6, 1944.  He claimed to have joined in 1943.  That is a lie.   Moorhatch is just as bad as Wilson Colwell.  Colwell shook the hand of President Obama in Normandy in 2014.  Moorhatch shook the hand of President George W. Bush in the Oval Office.

He went to Parachute School in the England October 25, 1944 and graduated November 4, 1944.  Moorhatch was then transferred from Service Company of the 506th to the famous Co E December 4, 1944.

After that Moorhatch ends up in the hospital for 270 days with a disease, not a combat wound.  He was never in Co D of the 506th either.  Heís been dead 9 years and still fakes come out of the woodwork like cockroaches. 

At the end you will see a picture of the fake Moorhatch and his Jump Certificate.  The problem with his Jump Certificate?  He didnít graduate from Jump School until one year later.  This was along the lines of Robert Gehrett who lied on his Jump Certificate as well. 



Brian Siddall

September 9, 2019 


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