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Life and Times of a Co C 508th Soldier in WWII

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This is the life and times of Robert Nobles after joining Co C 508th Prcht Inf from October 20, 1942 to June 11, 1944 when he was captured in the battle of les Moitiers en Bauptois in Normandy.

This will be an interesting ride as it were.  This will start on FB also but finish on the website each day.  For this first one it will all be on FB to start with as well as the website.

Robert Nobels Journal from October 1942 to June 1944

It starts October 19, 1942 in his diary and continues on until the next day the 20th where the Co 508th Prcht Inf men arrived at Camp Blanding.  The first picture was taken shortly after arriving at Camp Blanding.  The men are listed left to right from the top to the bottom.  The men are Passery, Nobles, Chesterton, Ostlander, Howell, Morrow & Miller.

The second and third images are the cover of Bob Nobles Diary for 1942 and the dates of October 19th and 20th Pages 4, 5 & 6 show Nobles showing up on the Payroll Records for the first time.  On page 6 in green at the bottom shows Nobles.  Pages 7, 8 & 9 the Morning Report for October 20, 1942 and Bob highlighted in green on page 9 along the other men from the picture at Camp Blanding highlighted in red.

Another interesting fact is listed on page 9 at the top.  Sgt Funk who two years later would receive the Medal of Honor in the Ardennes comes into Co C from the 507th Prcht Inf Regt the same day as Nobles and his friends. 

Bob came from Ithaca, New York and one other man from Ithaca came in as well, Charlie Howell who would go all the way through the war with Co C of the 508th Prcht Inf 82nd Abn Div.  Another man listed in the picture had Frederick E. Chesterton who became the Co C Communications Sergeant going into Normandy.  He was wounded late in June of 1944.

The 10th page for this article shows Co C showing up on the Morning Report for the first time.  I have left Bobís writing in his own longhand which makes the posts a little more interesting.  As an added bonus I will include the day to day diary from Bette Nobles (who became Bobís wife in 1943).

An article was done in WWII Quarterly Magazine the summer of 2015 about Bob Nobles and his time in the 508th Prcht Inf and his time as a POW.  It is a very interesting article written by Kevin M. Hymel.   This is the first page of Kevinís article From Paratrooper to POW.


Brian Siddall

August 6, 2016





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