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October 29, 1990, the date U.S. News & World Report published Special Report the “Vietnam Story”

After reading the Vietnam Story and the part at LZ Albany in October of 1990 a Vietnam veteran realized that portions of this story was just that a story and not factual correct.  In the 70’s and 80’s there had been fictionalized accounts of Vietnam including Deer Hunter in 1978, Apocalypse Now in 1979 and Platoon in 1986 among others. Now in 1990 an esteemed news organization had published a part fictional account of the Ia Drang Campaign in 1965. 

Looking back now this U.S. News & World Report issue shows that news organizations were starting to back away from the factual accounts and create a part fiction account to keep their readers.  But at that time no one had realized that including the Vietnam veteran Russell L. Ross from California.

Mr. Ross after reading the articles in the 1990 U.S. News & World Report Vietnam Story started looking for other articles about the Ia Drang Campaign.  Realizing that Joseph Galloway had written a majority of the American story he was especially interested in finding anything written by Galloway in relation to Ia Drang.  In short order he found the September 1983 Soldier of Fortune Magazine "If You Want A Good Fight..." article written by Galloway.  Ross also found the March 1983 Soldier of Fortune Magazine "Bloody Ia Drang" article written by Robert Oles and a book by J.D. Coleman Pleiku.

After reading the March Soldier of Fortune Magazine and Coleman’s book Ross realized that Galloway’s stories for both the September 1983 Soldier of Fortune and the U.S. News & World Report magazine articles were wrong. 

Senior Editor Joseph Galloway worked in Washington, D. C. for U.S. News & World Report, so Ross sent a Letter to the Editor to U.S. News & World Report.  The 1983 article had stated Galloway had come in to Albany after the battle was over but in the 1990 Vietnam Story Galloway didn’t mention that he wasn’t at LZ Albany battle.  He had it written as a first hand account and also had the battle as a disaster.

Mr. Ross called out Galloway as a liar in no uncertain terms in the differences between the 1983 and 1990 articles.  Ross didn’t want the same things to happen with the Desert Storm veterans as what Galloway had done to the Ia Drang veterans.  He sent the letter in January of 1991 and Ross received a Post Card back near the end of February 1991.

Then Ross received a response from Galloway himself written on March 9, 1991.  Instead of admitting that he had mistakes in his 1990 Vietnam Story he went on the offensive against Russell Ross.  Galloway called Mr. Ross “JERK” in the second line of hi response.  Galloway was the Senior Editor for U.S. News & World Report and this was his response?   This has been Galloway’s response anytime he is called out on being caught lying.  Even now in 2016 he did that when responding to an article in, Galloway blames and attacks people instead of responding with facts and figures.

So after the March 1991 response from Galloway Ross started doing his due diligence and uncovered more information showing that Galloway was wrong more that a few times.  In both December of 1991 and again in November of 1992 Mr. Ross sent documentation to U.S. News & World Report showing where Galloway was wrong in the Vietnam Story in October of 1990.  Both times U.S. News & World Report sent the documentation back without opening it.

By this time Galloway had won The National Magazine Awards for his work on the Vietnam Story in October of 1990.  It seems that U.S. News & World Report doesn’t want to look into the issues with Galloway.  As mentioned at the start of this article this is when news stated to shade the truth.  Now people go to Wikipedia to get their information along with Facebook and both are more wrong than right.  As bad as this was back in 1991 with the issues with U.S. News & World Report that was just a small part of the problem Mr. Ross was having.

Galloway started a smear campaign against Mr. Ross in 1991 that goes on to this day 25 years later.  Ross tried to get people to understand that Galloway’s Ia Drang stories were just that, a story not based on facts.  For the longest time Mr. Ross a Veteran of LZ Albany himself couldn’t figure out why the 1st Cavalry Division Association and members in the association wouldn’t respond.

Galloway as mentioned above in the last paragraph was lying to people saying Mr. Ross was crazy, mental unstable and that he wasn’t at either Ia Drand or LZ Albany.  This has been a 25 year smear campaign against Ross who was at Ia Drang and Albany and has the documentation to prove that.  Ross also has the documentation showing that Galloway has lied since 1983.

When the movie came out in 2002 for We Were Soldiers Galloway sent and email to Mr. Ross.  He did this because he knew that Ross was right that Galloway was a liar about his book about We Were Soldiers.  So once again Galloway smeared Mr. Ross and did it here again too.  

In February of this year (2016) while searching for more information about Galloway I discovered Mr. Ross and his documentation.  Within a minute or two there was no doubt that his information was correct.  Mr. Ross sent that same information that he had tried to send to U.S. News & World Report in 1991 and 92 and the 1st Cavalry Association since.  Each time he was rebuffed.  Not this time as his information was rock solid to say the least. 

Ross didn’t know there was in issue with Plumley just like Galloway until we spoke.  He was sent the information about Plumley as he sent the information about Galloway.  Then the article came out in May of 2016 and things took on a whole new level of hate. 

Mr. Ross and I spoke of the trolls.  A few of the really choice emails were sent ahead to Mr. Ross.  He got right back about one of them.  The email was from a Ron Sleeis.  Sleeis hoped that I would die in a car crash on the New York State Thruway in the 2016 interview.  I couldn’t stop laughing at him while reading this email.  Usually when someone says or does things like that they have something to hide. 

Well I was right about Sleeis.  Mr. Ross told me a phone message Sleeis left back in 2002/2003 time period.  Wow, Sleeis threatened to kill Mr. Ross.  Sleeis even kindly enough left his name at the beginning of the tirade.  Sleeis was one of the 3rd Brigade 1st Cavalry Division wireman who wasn’t at Ia Drang but back at Brigade Headquarters 30 miles away from Ia Drang.  This appears to be the reason Sleeis was going to kill Mr. Ross if Ross ever told anyone.

As bad as that was, a new player came into town as I like to say.  The new player was Mrs. Galloway the third wife of Joseph Galloway.  At first the email I received in May of 2016 had to have been a fake.  But being a researcher I did my due diligence and discovered in fact that Grace Galloway was the person who emailed me. 

Grace Galloway who is a Nurse released privileged information about Mr. Ross in an email to me.  Granted it was 20 years old but this is a woman who is bound by the HIPPA Statues and decided to violate her oath as a Nurse to try and denigrate Ross.  Remember this is what Joseph Galloway has been doing since 1991.  So it runs in the family it seems.

Mr. Ross has filed a formal complaint against Grace Galloway with the North Carolina Board of Nursing and is about to file one with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as well.  In the same email to me Grace Galloway tried to equate a researcher who is exposing someone like Joseph Galloway with a rapist.  Would anyone want someone like Grace Galloway as your nurse?  Grace Galloway is one of the most unethical Nurses I have ever run into.

Joseph Galloway has been trying to hide the fact that he has been lying for over 30 years now.  Here is a link to the most egregious things Galloway has done since at least 1983.  Galloway has hoodwinked the 1st Cavalry Division since 1983.  If people still look at Galloway as a hero/historian then they have an issue with reality themselves. 


Brian Siddall

June 27, 2016





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