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Captain Simonds was the S-3 going into Normandy and Captain Graham was Hq Co 2nd Bn Commander.   On July 6, 1944 Hq Co 2nd Bn of the 508th Prcht Inf was about to resume the attack.  Captain Graham and Captain Simonds were about to lead Co D and Co F into battle.  Captain Graham said letís flip a coin to see who gets which Company.  Captain Simonds picked heads and won.  Simonds picked Co D and Graham would lead Co F. 

Graham said within 5 minutes a runner came up to him and said that Captain Simonds had been hit.  Graham ran to Simonds side and knelt down to hear him.  Simonds said that a mortar round got him in the back.  Within a few seconds Graham saw that Simonds had died.  He said Simonds look like it had been hit by a rake all down his back.

Captain Chet Graham was good friends with Captain George Bill Simonds and never forgot what happened that day on Hill . 



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