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Another Sad day at Ft Benning

Reached out to Deputy Garrison Commander George Steuber at Ft. Benning back in 2016 but he refused to speak but did leave a voice message that was odd.  Wondered what his issue was about Plumley then realized that it really had nothing to do with Plumley but all to do with Steuber himself.

Usually when someone gets that bent out of shape and it isnít even about the person in question the next logical step is to think that maybe that person has something they donít want exposed.

Once again this was the case.  Colonel (Ret.) George Steuber was interviewed in 2009 by the Bayonet Newspaper and gave what seemed to be a very boring interview.  It was great to be back at Benning, first got there in 1966 where he received his wings etc. 

Steuber's records were ordered and low and behold he was never at Ft. Benning as an enlisted man according to all of the Army records.  First of all he had the wrong year for his enlistment.  He said 1966 but it was 1967 and it wasnít at Benning.  A FOIA request was made at Ft. Benning as well and attached are the records for Steuber. 

The following was requested in the FOIA; Certificates/Documentations for George W. Steuber for Parachute Badge showing when George Steuber becoming a Paratrooper as an enlisted soldier.  The records that arrived from Ft. Benning and there were no records for Steuber being at Benning in the 60s receiving his jump wings.  There are no records at all of him being at Ft. Benning in the 60s. 

The December 29, 1967 issue for the Bayonet on page 78 said that 22,692 Paratroopers Graduated at Fort Benning, almost 2000 a month and that the Airborne School has those records for those who became a Paratrooper during that time period and nowhere in all of the records was Steuber.  Steuber was asked for a copy of his Parachute Certificate and he never responded to that request.

Steuber did become a Paratrooper, but according to the records sent by Ft. Benning it was in Vietnam, not in the US.  That is listed in the FOIA request sent by Ft. Benning.

Steuberís basic training was at Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri not at Benning.  That tied in with another talk and interview he did back in 2000 with the Sun Chronicle.  Steuber gave a talk at North Attleboro Massachusetts high school talking to 17 year olds in a History Class about his time in the Military.  Steuber was still on active duty. 

In the talk to the young men at North Attleboro High School Steuber told them that he his basic training at Ft. Benning and that he had to fight black men just to get to the latrine at Ft. Benning.   Itís sad when an active duty Lt. Col has to lie to impressible 17 year-old students. 

Steuber also told of his time in Vietnam.  I didnít bother going any deeper into his background for obvious reasons.  There was no need to if someone has made up the basic things like when and where they did their basic training and calling out fellow black soldiers saying they attacked him for trying to go to the bathroom.

Steuber works for the US Taxpayers at Ft. Benning as an Assistant Garrison Commander and that says a lot about Ft. Benning once again.  99.9% of the men and women who became a Paratrooper look bad when people like Plumley and Steuber besmirch their names.


Brian Siddall


July 11, 2017


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