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Watership Down

These Soldiers were from the 508th Parachute Infantry attached to the 82nd Airborne Division and drowned on the jump into Normandy 6 June 1944.  They were some of the last men buried at the 82nd Airborne Division Cemetery.  The 82nd Cemetery closed 15 June and they were re-buried 5 July 1944 at the Blosville Cemetery which was the same field.   All of the records can be located for each man by clicking on their name. 

The first 12 Hq Co 1st Bn men were found as the Division was moving West.  More men were located after the Blosville Cemetery opened so they were also buried there. 

There are IDPFs for 4 of the men, images of the Douve River where they drowned along with images of both the 82nd Cemetery and the main Blosville Cemetery.  There are Morning Reports for all of the men along with the Medical Records and Weekly Burial Reports and images for 9 of the 12 men. 

ASN              Name                    Rank      82nd Abn Div Cemetery then Blosville Re-Burial
6972854   Roberts, Harold E.     Staff Sergeant        6/15/1944 A-01-003 7/5/1944 A-01-003
38280202 Johnson, Clifford E.   Private First Class 6/15/1944 A-08-398 7/5/1944 B-10-198
31334689 Babjak, Andrew         Private  6/15/1944 A-01-025  7/5/1944 A-02-025
35628144 Bateman, James D.    Private  6/15/1944 A-08-399  7/5/1944 B-10-199
6941082   Benton, Dan R.          Private  6/15/1944 A-01-023  7/5/1944 A-02-023
32648434 Bowen, Francis N.     Private  6/15/1944 A-01-032  7/5/1944 A-02-032
34395364 Hyatt, Morris R.        Private  6/15/1944 A-01-020  7/5/1944 A-01-020
20231227 Jahn, Robert F.          Private  6/15/1944 A-01-048  7/5/1944 A-03-048
11097685 Nadeau, Joseph G.C. Private  6/16/1944 A-04-198  7/5/1944 A-10-198
15323287 Tomory, Albert D.     Private  6/15/1944 A-01-049  7/5/1944 A-03-049
16112026 Wininger, Donald W. Private  6/15/1944 A-01-012  7/5/1944 A-01-012
38509136 Woods, Porter F.        Private  6/14/1944 A-01-033  7/5/1944 A-02-033

Brian N. Siddall
December 2023

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