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The USA White Supremacists have now filtered into the Margraten Cemetery in the Netherlands on Memorial Day 2019.

While looking through the headstones at Margraten Cemetery on a FB Group you could see the two small USA and Dutch flags in front of the Headstones. Then on one of the Headstones a Confederate flag shows up right next to the USA and Netherlands one. Of all days to put up a racist flag, this shouldn’t have occurred.

One of the posters said he saw that many of the Mississippi Headstones had the Mississippi Confederate flag on it. Every other Headstone I viewed only had the two but the Mississippi ones seemed to have the Confederate flag.

I posted telling them that this is no different then planting a Nazi flag on an American Headstone Plot. Two people quickly spoke up and tried to defend the racist flag. Their names are Ron van Rijt and Bob Starren.

They seemed to have a mutual fan club going on as they gave likes and loves to each other.

I can’t say that they are White Supremacists but they were trying to defend the White Supremacists by saying that a Confederate flag has nothing to do with racism. The Confederate and Nazi flag are one in the same in the USA now.

When I explained that in the USA most Americans who have a modicum of intelligence look at the Confederate flag as being racist and explained why. The USA Civil War from 1861-65 cost the lives of over 500,000 soldiers and that the Confederate flag were traitors to our country.

They posted again but when I started to reading their responses I realized that the FB Margraten Group Moderated by Dieneke Suijkerbuijk had blocked me from seeing any more posts and Dieneke Suijkerbuijk blocked his personal page too.

Dieneke Suijkerbuijk why have you left the post up on your site since the Confederate flag is no different than the Nazi flag?  Do you really think that people don't know what you've done?  You think by blocking me that I can't see your posts?  Really? 

Just by luck I checked the FB Private Message middle Message section. Low and behold Bob Starren tried to contact me via PM.

Below is his message;

“Your reaction is so bloody pathetic and so out of place becaurse we honor those( no matter from what state religion ras or whatever) who liberated us and oayed the highest price for it. Your dumb shit talk about 1861 till 1865 has no positive contribution about what we are talking about and thats memorial day. Okay u get it sofar. U just post stuff to show what a gd pain in the ass you are. Pay respect to your fallen country men instead of nagging about a bloody state flagg”

After reading this I realized that Starren isn’t the smartest of people. Hard to believe he’s Dutch because of the English usage “bloody pathetic”. This is what racists do; they try to turn it around. Starren is trying to defend the racism who planted the Confederate flag.

Starren thinks that this is a religious issue which means he is dumb in any language. He has no clue what is going on the USA right how as the racists have crawled out from under their rocks and are spouting their racist rants everywhere.

Strarren then goes of the rails and tells me to respect the dead. That’s exactly what I was going. The soldier listed on this Headstone didn’t fight for the Confederacy but the United States of America in WWII. By defending the Confederate flag Starren is supporting the Nazis/ White Supremacists in the USA by what he wrote today. He has no problem dishonoring a soldier’s grave it seems.

Maybe he’s just really that dumb but you have to wonder. I picked up on his gutter language as well. People do that when they can’t defend their position in a discussion.

Racists aren’t just here in the USA as they are crawling out from under rocks all through Europe now too.

Brian N. Siddall
May 27, 2019


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