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The Fraudulent Bronze Star Medal

How is it that the mainstream media doesn’t call Joseph Galloway out on his repeated fabrications?  Forget the Galloway lies about Plumley for just a moment (and only just for a moment) and let’s take a look at the Bronze Star Medal with Valor Galloway was “Awarded” in 1998.  I didn’t know the Army gave Awards for fictional accounts. 

On November 15, 1965 Jimmy Nakayama from Company C 8th Engineer Battalion 1st Cavalry Division was severely wounded by napalm along with James Clark.  They were in the same foxhole when they were hit by a short round.  Please read Galloway’s account first published November 17, 1965 from the United Press International (UPI). 

Here are the key points of information written by Galloway; sudden searing heat, two Soldiers stumbled out of the fire.  Then an hour later a medic asked Galloway to help load the two wounded Soldiers into a helicopter.  Galloway was in the Command Post which was just a few yards away from the Aid Station.  Galloway did not brave enemy fire to jump into the fire to rescue either Soldier. 

Please now read the September 1983 Soldier of Fortune Magazine.  Here is where you can see Galloway starting to shade the truth (really let’s call it what it really is, Galloway is lying).  Between the sentence “As I reached the anthill” to “just been talking minutes before” is a complete fabrication.  If needed, please re-read the 1965 article.  

Galloway then says “several of us ran into it”.  No, the two men wounded walked to them in the 1965 article.  Since the Aid Station was just a few yards away they were already there in 1965.  In the 1965 article he said they left on a helicopter an hour after they were wounded.  This is backed up with the Army documentation showing that Jimmy Nakayama was taken to the Philippines first then died on the flight from there to San Francisco.  In the 1983 article he said the two Soldiers were screaming for hours.  Please notice that Galloway keeps referring to himself in the 1983 article.  He inserted himself in the 1965 articles with the 1st Can Div and couldn’t stop now. 

The worst part of this fabrication is that Jimmy Nakayama and James Clark were in agony for hours on the LZ.  What is wrong with Galloway?  He seems to have a lot of the same traits as a narcissist.  He just can’t stop bragging about what a great person he is.  Jimmy Nakayama's wife has heard this since 1983 and imagines he was in agony right there.  Saying they had no water for hours is just another lie.  What kind of a sick person would willingly say a person was being tortured?  Even if he had been there for hours he didn’t have to be that graphic, but in this case they weren't there after the first hour. 

Now it’s time to look at the US News and World Report October 29, 1990 issue.  This is the “Vietnam Story” and in this case that is all it is, a story.  Since Galloway has lied about key things from 1983 how can anyone believe anything when he inserts himself into the Ia Drang battle?

Now Galloway has upped the ante with his blatant lying.  He has written that Sergeant Nye has Jimmy Nakayama all black from the napalm and that Nakayama died right there.  None of that was true of course.  When someone is covered with napalm they first become covered in blisters, just as Galloway stated in the 1965 article.  Now he has them being blackened from the napalm, then stating that he had died on November 15, 1965.  Jimmy Nakayama died of his wounds November 17, 1965.  Remember Galloway wrote this article, not Sergeant Nye. 

Then the book We Were Soldiers Once in 1992 is released.  Now Galloway has “everyone running into the fire".  The original in 1965 article shows Nakayama and Clark walking out of the fire to the Command Post and or Aid Station.  In the second version a few people including Galloway goes into the fire.  Now it’s everyone.  Please read the portions highlighted in red for these two pages from the 1992 book.  Now Galloway has Jimmy Nakayama’s boots crumpling when touched and he could feel his bones right after the fire.  None of that is true as stated in the 1965 article Galloway only touched Jimmy Nakayama legs when trying to help him into the helicopter and some of his skin on one leg sloughed off. 

Then on the very next page (163) Galloway has inserted a Medic who was killed after rushing to help Clark and Nakayama.  The only problem is Galloway didn’t remember that until the book, not either in the 1965 article (which happened right in front of him) or the 1983 Soldier of Fortune article or the 1990 US News & World Report article.  Here Galloway tries to hedge his lie from the previous story saying they were there at the Aid Station for hours in agony.  Now he says eventually they were moved out by Helicopter.

You would think that Galloway couldn’t keep lying and that someone would notice but nobody did as in 1998 the Army Awarded Galloway the Bronze Star Medal with Valor.  In the Citation for the Bronze Star Medal it says Galloway braved enemy fire to rescue Nakayama.  Of course none of that is true as both Nakayama and Clark walked out of the fire to them as mentioned in the 1965 article by Galloway.  He also has an unknown medic with him being killed almost immediately and that he and another man carried them to the Aid Station.  None of that is true as far as Galloway being involved. 

Why the Army decided to give a medal of any kind to Galloway is very odd indeed.  No one saw this happen and even in real situations unless an Officer sees it occur, it doesn’t exist.  Remember the Army at times has a problem with telling the truth.  Remember Pat Tillman the Ranger who was killed in Afghanistan?  At first the Army lied through their teeth about what had really happened.  Once the Army was exposed by the media they didn’t have a choice but so admit they had lied.

It is time that the American People ask that the Bronze Star w/Valor be stripped from Joseph Galloway.  Since there is ample proof showing he received this Award under false pretences how long do you think the Army will try to deny this?  This is an insult to every Military person to see Awards being given based on a fictitious account. 

Does anyone really want to give an Award to someone who built his Award on a lie for 18 years?  He used the emotions of Jimmy Nakayama family to parley it to a Bronze Star Medal w/Valor for himself.  Another part of the Award was also based on factual reports to the American people and Galloway failed there as well.


Brian Siddall

June 26, 2016


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