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Galloway skates again (Almost) contacted Galloway about Siddall's research and why Plumley's service records contradict what Galloway, who claims to be the only journalist present at LZ X-Ray, wrote about Plumley. sent Galloway Siddall's two articles, which contained hyperlinks to Plumley's service records.

Galloway wrote the following response by email:

"My co-author Lt. Gen. Hal Moore vouched for CSM Plumley when we were working on the books. I read the Plumley biography when Moore and Plumley received the Doughboy Award quite a few years ago. It sure looked official to me and matched details I had been told about his service. I have no interest in commenting on this any further."

As you can see in the May 2016 article Galloway pushed the Plumley errors on to Lt General Moore (Ret.)

Galloway is a piece of work.  Galloway is the one who created the whole Plumley mystique back in 1983 in the Soldier of Fortune September of 1983 article.  There he says that Plumley was a three war veteran.  

Please remember that Galloway has said in May of 2016 that it was Lt Gen Moore (Ret.) who vouched for Plumley.  There is only one problem with that and that is Galloway was very specific saying he started working with Lt General Moore (Ret.) in 1986.  It was in 1983 where Galloway said that Plumley was a “veteran of three wars”.  This was three years before Galloway and Lt Gen Moore had worked together. 

Galloway just blamed Lt Gen Moore for something Galloway did himself in 1983.  If Galloway is so concerned about the well being of the 1st Cavalry Division Soldiers open up your records and tell them how much money he has made over the years.  Remember Galloway has stated he was not in it for personal gain.  

Galloway has never taken responsibility for his actions, ever.  He takes personal credit for what happened to Jimmy Nakayama in 1965 and that is proven to be a lie.  Galloway would throw anyone under a bus to create a fictional story, even his high school classmate like Vincent Cantu.  Now he has done it to Lt Gen Moore who is in declining health at the age of 94. 

Galloway has tried to attack me personally as well because he couldn't dispute the research.  Galloway created a narrative to suit his writing and his checkbook. 

Remember, Galloway started the Plumley lies, no one else.


Brian N. Siddall

June 23, 2016



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