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Another Stolen Valor Soldier


Robert G. Gehrett equals Stolen Valor.  Since at least 2005 Gehrett passed himself off as being in Normandy and Holland as a Paratrooper.  The only problem?  Gehrett didnít get to the European Theater until July 28, 1944 and didnít become a Paratrooper until the end of October of 1944.  Here is a link to all of the documentation mentioned below.

On June 21, 2005 Gehrett was at the Pennsylvania Assembly and State Senator Robbins read Gehrettís history into the record.

Attached are the minutes related to Gehrett lies.  They are highlighted in pink.  Senator Robbins called him ďa true American heroĒ.  That is not even close to being true.  As mentioned, Gehrett wasnít in Normandy in June and July of 1944.  He came oversea weeks after the 82nd and 101st men had come back to England.

Iím not going to waste a lot of time as he is yet another of a long list of Stolen Valor.  Below is a listing of where he was and when in relation to the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.  He was combat 20 days in the Bulge and was taken off the line because of trench foot (frozen feet). 

Gehrett was drafted into the service January 13, 1944 and left the US July 23, 1944 and returned January 29, 1946.  He arrived in Scotland July 28, 1944.  Gehrett came into the 101st Airborne Division October 7, 1944 as a member of Service Company 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.

Gehrett became a Paratrooper October 23, 1944 upon graduating 16 day School for the 101st in England.  He didnít jump into either Normandy or Holland of course because he wasnít a Paratrooper yet.  He changed Jump Certificate from 1944 to 1942 at some point. 

Gehrett then because part of Headquarters Company First Battalion of the 502nd Parachute Infantry October 30, 1944. Then on November 30, 1944 he transferred into Company C in the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment.      

The 101st Airborne Division went into the Bulge December 18, 1944.  This was the first and only combat for Gehrett with the 502nd.  He lasted 20 days as mentioned above. 

This never ends well.

Brian N. Siddall
August 28, 2018

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