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Izumi Still Not There (in '44)

I will make this a little easier to understand.  All the important/key parts of these 3 above are highlighted. 

The first document on the left?  That shows Izumi was in Fort Benning, Georgia March 24, 1945.  He signed this document on that day at Benning.  It says Witnessed at Ft. Benning below his signature.  The person who was there and Witnessed was 1st Lt May Niles.  There is no question, none.

The second document is called Soldier's Qualification Card.  This is a card a soldier carried with him where he went.  It was given to the Company Clerk when he arrived at the new station. 

The highlighted sections in this document show his signature on the bottom right the day he went on active duty.  The next highlighted section is the one on the bottom left hand side.  This shows when he left the USA and when he came back.  Guess what?  It shows him leaving 5 April 1945.  The next highlighted part of the second document shows what?  Where he was for the entire war. 

Izumi was in basic training until December 16, 1944.  Izumi then arrives at Fort Benning December 20, 1944.  This one can be hard to read so here is a breakdown and the top and bottom part of the Morning Report. 

It also shows him at Fort Meade in Maryland arriving 28 March 1945.  If someone thinks Izumi was at the Bulge, they have issues with reading comprehension. 

The third document is a brand new one.  An Izumi family member was nice enough to post this online the other day.  This document is, let's say, interesting.  This just came from the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA). 

It shows that the record was changed, and poorly.  It seems the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) didn't understand what they were looking at when they came to this decision.  That being said, the most important part is that the date he arrived in Europe is still April 18, 1945.  That means he wasn't in the Bulge of course. 

The other part that was changed now says Izumi was in Normandy and Rhineland (Holland) and the Ardennes.  Of course in the first two docs above shows during that time period, the USA.  So the Army Review Board Agency (ARBA) is going to have to go back in and take a look as it's a mess now.  His 53-55 was perfect for 76 years until this cluster occurred.

As a bonus Izumi was never in the 442nd.  He did go through basic training at Camp Blanding between August 6, 1944 and December 17, 1944 then on to Benning but he was never a member of the 442nd during WWII.  Basic Training doesn't mean you were in a unit.  He might have trained but until you go overseas it means nothing. 

Izumi was in Korea, that's true he was in Korea between 1964-65.  During the 1950s he was in Greenland and Turkey.    


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October 16, 2022 

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