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Different Levels of Fakes & Liars

(But all are fakes and or all are liars)


Corruption at the ABMC again?

Fraud at the ABMC

A mini-Plumley at Benning    

Another Sad day at Ft Benning

Lied about being in Normandy to his family and the world now

Pvt Jose Casares (Another lied in Normandy 101st Man)


In the service but lied about which unit

Eugene Cook (Had lied for years)

Howard Manoian (Had lied for years)

Irving J. Schwartz (Stole another manís history)

In the service and in unit but wore fake awards, lied about Branch of Service

Basil Plumley (Lies below)

The Original Plumley Article September 8, 2015

I Can No Longer Support a Fraud Like Plumley

The Last Nail in the Coffin

Plumley from Beyond the Grave

Plumley Supporters

Lied about being in Normandy but in either earlier or later campaigns

Maynard Beamesderfer (Not in Normandy or Holland)

Wilson Colwell (Wasnít in Normandy, lied to the President of the USA 2014)

Raymond Defer (Lied during a Solemn Event in Normandy)

Leo Dumouchelle (Lied about Award of the CIB and wasnít in Normandy)

Louis Horn (Wasnít in Normandy)

Adelchi Pilutti (Wasnít in Normandy)

Lied about what type of wounds

Leif Maseng (Frozen Feet)

Lied on his Headstone Inscription

Delaney Mongold (Lied when filling out headstone before his death)

Lied about his exploits

Robert Murphy (lied about time in combat and in his book)

An update to a 2014 article about Robert Murphy


Writers who have lied (In order of Importance)
Stephen Ambrose (A writer of Fiction)

Dennis Hevesi New York Times (Plumley Obituary almost completely fake)

Lt Gen Bolger (Ret) (Lied in Army Magazine)

Joseph Galloway (His collection of lies)

Timothy Nosal at the ABMC (Lied about whether the ABMC can change a Headstone)

Renea Yates at the ANC (Lied about documentation in connection with the Durning incident)

Timothy Davis and the Greatest Generation Website (Lied about Colwell and about where the Foundation was located)


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