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Here is a link to an article about 6 of the men listed here.


Here is the Link to the Two O'Neills killed in Normandy but not MIA on this list.

     ASN         Name          Rank/Grade
0-1100038 Cappa, Alfred J. 1st Lt
0-1102287 Helwig, Edward W. 1st Lt
0-456630   Rightley, James A. 1st Lt
0-1106109 Durham, James L. 2nd Lt
20317850 Cerwood, Theodore H. S/Sgt
11042952 Watters, Vernon G. S/Sgt
35206585 Eplin, John B. Sgt
19106131 Gabrielson, John C. Sgt
15102939 Gaffney, Walter E. Sgt
39009404 Langford, Everette H. Sgt
13053899 McAnney, Harry Cpl
 6978947  McKeeby, Benjamin L.Cpl
12025255 Siddall, Elmer Q. Cpl
33310586 Yeo, William W. Cpl
13073457 DiFabbio, Frank J. T/5
39183714 Goins, Thomas C. T/5
13039592 Morrow, Robert A. T/5
35441824 Pennington, Lawrence E. T/5
12038377 Vallance, Charles H. T/5
35415562 Beathard, Weldon S. Pfc
18014420 Bishop, James C. Pfc
33108625 Brown, John H. Pfc
13087839 Celik, Elmer G. Pfc
33175272 Dobson, William J. Pfc
19099177 Gach, Theodore I. Pfc
14123463 Hester, Ralph W. Pfc
33225235 Holloman, William H. Pfc
37387750 Hosman, Billy A. Pfc
37670377 Langrehr, Henry O. Pfc
16054338 Mylett, James R. Pfc
33057513 Szuch, Louis Pfc
19064076 Arnold, Henry L. Pvt
31241524 Borucki, Venceslaus W. Pvt       Article
32305943 Brookins, Leo Pvt
32162514 Chin, Foon G. Pvt       Article
32784924 Clancy, Joseph F. Pvt
31219377 Connelly, John L., Jr. Pvt
33694910 Conway, Norman J. Pvt
11049224 Cunningham, Ralph J. Pvt
33600839 DeSouza, Moses Pvt
20406903 Ellis, Elmer Pvt
13027360 Hause, Robert K. Pvt
13059421 Hessler, James E. Pvt
31157705 Hughes, Thomas P. Pvt
37506691 Jones, Pearcy Q. Pvt
32439143 Joseph, Horace Pvt       Article
37541171 King, Stanley W. Pvt
13090866 Kreiser, Roy K. Pvt
36414311 Lambert, Lewis J. Pvt
39615493 Lansrud, Gaylord A. Pvt
33575647 Leverknight, Karl T. Pvt
31362688 Maloney, Francis J. Pvt
33394148 Marcello, Vincent A. Pvt
32699574 McMillan, Edward P. Pvt
32191687 McMurdy, Joseph C. Pvt
35803109 Moore, Casper Pvt
18248034 Passmore, Joseph H. Pvt
20938772 Petersen, Leslie V. Pvt       Article
39194297 Peterson, Tom D. Pvt
38406659 Pharriss, Arthur G. Pvt
33418401 Puskarich, Matthew Pvt
 6557991  Schuchart, Charles E. Pvt
32175104 Tedeschi, Jack L. Pvt
20402585 Thomas, Raymond W. Pvt
11065749 Wagner, Jacob C. Pvt
11042041 Wheeler, Paul D. Pvt
35000123 Zwir, John R. Pvt

0-020611  Palmer, Robert S. Lt Col
20417075 Edmondson, Charlie K., Jr. Pvt
11096229 Borges, Manuel Jr. Cpl
14045258 Stevens, James F. Pvt

Lt Col - Lieutenant Colonel
Capt - Captain
1st Lt - First Lieutenant
2nd Lt - Second Lieutenant
S/Sgt - Staff Sergeant
Sgt - Sergeant
Cpl - Corporal
T/5 - Technician 5th Grade
Pfc - Private First Class
Pvt - Private
Dy - Duty
fr - from
O - Officers
EM - Enlisted Men
atchd - attached
(NMI)  No Middle Initial


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