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The Blosville Burials in Normandy July 1, 1944 ©   

Map shows all Plane Crashes June 6 and June 7, 1944 © 

Memorial Day ©      

Codename:  Macon Cemetery© 

369 Died In WWII in the 401st Gli Inf ©      

Record Of Events for Normandy©

John Rogoshewski © 

Company C 506th Parachute Infantry 6 June 1944 Crash 


The Push Towards Grainville ©


Watership Down ©

Blosville and Back Again ©

Crossroad Killing©

82nd Airborne Division Cemetery© 



Across the Causeway  

The Aftermath  
(80 Years Later)

The Serials and Drop Zones for Normandy
What, When and Where...

Company F 508th Parachute Infantry, Operation Neptune 
Entire Campaign for Company F

27 Maps for Normandy© 
1:25,000 Maps for the Normandy Campaign


Very Manoir of Fact©
The Death of Private O'Neill, Killed at la Fiere

Company B 307th Soldiers MIA 6 June 1944 © 
4 Sticks dropped in and around Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte

If you haven’t dealt with Dorr before...©
Yet Another Case Study

Not Quite Right©
A few mistakes...

Barn Sleeping ©
A letter from a Company B...
Carroll Rumbaugh's First Two Days in Normandy  
Killing of a German General

Company E 501st Parachute Infantry Bastogne ©
Morning Reports History

Dead Cold Ridge © 
Company A was blocked by heavy tank fire...

Deathly Quiet ©
Early Saturday morning December 30, 1944 at...

End of the Year ©
The morning of the last day... 

Fire in the Hole
First Day in Bastogne (for the 1st Battalion 506th Parachute Infantry) ©
A little lead in...

501st Prcht Inf Morning Report January 1, 1945 in Bastogne ©
35096449 Bahel, Robert C...

 Morning Report 501st Prcht Inf Bastogne ©
31426776 Angus, David G.
Murder at Cowan Creek ©
Patrolling was the name of the game...

New Book, More Graignes Errors © 
Lost Paratrooper?  More like Lost Writer

The 504th Prcht Inf Pathfinders in Normandy  
26 504th Parachute Infantry Pathfinders in Normandy
Up to Your Neck ©  
Ran across a post the other day...

The Vagaries of War © 
It was a cold and wet day...


Past Articles

Letters Home

Letters Home from Pfc Jimmie Millican©
Letters from ...

Life and Times of Pfc Nobles©
Pfc Nobles and the diary ...

The Hauptfleisch Letters© 
Captain Louis A. Hauptfleisch sent 343 letters home ...


Research with Documentation

A Bad Spot©
Between June 17 and June 19, 1944 in the ...

A Record of William J. Hickey© 
Hickey Co D 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment ...

A Searchable IDPF©
Searching for answers ...

A Snapshot in Time© 
502nd Prcht Inf Jump School in England ...

Blosville Cemetery©
Image of the Blosville Cemetery

507th Boots and Wings Article of the Day

Onion Sammies ©
Chin Foon on Memorial Day May 25, 2020  
Co F 327th Glider Infantry Just Before Normandy©
Complete list of Co F

Death of a School Teacher © 
Jerome Neumann was a School Teacher in New York City

4 Men from Company F©
The Escape and Evasion Reports ...

507th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne Division Normandy...©
507th Prcht Inf Men Killed in Normandy

Here are the men Killed 6 June 1944 for Company A of the...©
Casualty List of 116th Inf Co A on 6 June 1944

How to Read A WWII Morning Report©
One of the most important ways to research is to reading Morning Reports

Just found a few articles about Sergeant Major James O. Schmidt (Retired) today©
The 504th/508th Prcht Inf in WWII & Beyond!

Microfilm Holdings at NARA at St Louis©
Microfilm at NARA at St. Louis

Normandy American Cemetery©
All of the Records for the Normandy American Men Buried There

Normandy American Cemetery and where each X-File is located...©
Where each X-File/Unknown is buried at the Normandy American Cemetery

Request Service Records
Request Service Records

Seven Days in June ©  
(Saint-Georges-de-Bohon to Graignes)

75 Years Ago ©
Sometimes From Little Things, Big Things Come

The 53-55 Discharge Papers...©
The 53-55 Discharge for WWII is a great source...

The End of the Beginning ©
This was David Gerry Connally, Jr.

(Prelude to) The 541st Parachute Infantry in Normandy ©
Maneuvers in North Carolina January 1944...

The Life and Death of a WWII Paratrooper ©
George Duaane Coulter was born July 16, 1915 and was first ...

The Men Buried at Omaha Beach ©
457 killed on 6 June 1944 were first ...

The Pathfinders in Normandy ©
The 82nd and 101st Pathfinders in Normandy

Three Ways To Read A Report ©
When creating James O'Rourke's article

29th Inf Div 116th Inf Co A 6 June 1944 Complete... ©
Complete List of 116th Inf Co A as of 6 June 1944

WWII Records From Start To Finish ©
This is the best example of a soldier in WWII and his records.


A Bad Roll of the Dice ©
3 Soldiers killed...

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words ©
Enough already

A Variation on a Theme ©
Lies and then some ...

An interesting case study ©
Last night on Facebook I found a post about Pvt Ralph B. Devaney...


But why denigrate a military family? ©
But Why?

Captain Simonds was the S-3 going into Normandy and Captain Graham was...©
508th Hq Co 2nd Bn Captain Simonds Killed July 5, 1944

Cover up at Ft. Benning ©
Cover up at Benning, nuff said

Death Comes to Normandy ©
This concerns Pfc Frederick R. Smith from the 87th CH Bn

Drop Zones ©
Over the years we’ve all read and talked about...

First Day in Bastogne (for the 1st Battalion 506th Parachute Infantry) ©
A little lead in...

1st Lt Louis Levy Co D 507th Prcht Inf ©
1st Lt Louis Levy was an enigma

506th Prcht Inf Co E & the Aftershocks ©
It’s interesting with the mythos for Co E...

General(ly) Incompetent ©
General Smith ...

Gordon Wilkinson at Pearl Harbor ©
This was a neighbor

It runs in the family... ©
When the Government...

Ken Burns, Vietnam and willful blindness ©
Ken Burns Denial

Last Man Out ©
It was his 21st birthday

Memorial Day 2021 ©
Sergeant Legg and the 603rd Graves Registration Company

Narrative for 1st Lt Phillip Katz ©
Lt Phillip Katz ASN 0-430360 was in both the 82nd Abn Div and ...

19 Paratroopers and 1 Pilot killed as POWs during strafing 7 June 1944... ©
20 Men Killed on 7 June 1944 in a POW Strafing

On June 12, 1944 15 Paratroopers and one RAAF man ... ©
The Quest for Stanley K. Black's Personal Effects from Graignes

On 7 June 1944 The 4th Inf Div's 4th Medical Battalion put the wounded... ©
19 Wounded Men Lost at Sea June 7, 1944 when Hitting a Mine off of Utah Beach

One Step Further ©
This is Staff Sergeant Herbert Jeffery Buffalo Boy

One Hand Washes the Other ©
Once again Facebook has shown that men who were praised for being in Normandy...

Over and Out in Normandy ©
The fog of war was an apt phrase to ...

Record Keeping Problems at NARA in St. Louis ©
Here is the problem with NARA at St. Louis...

Shot down over Germany ©
The B-17G Ronny Boy was in her death throes...

Somebody's getting Covid ©
(in their stocking this year)

Source Material is the Key ©
I’ve had other things to do beyond WWII but...

SP/4 Ross was at Albany & Ia Drang ©
A Soldier at LZ Albany

Stalag Luft 3 ©
This is the story of 12 US Army Air Cops Fliers who...

Still Time ©
7th Cavalry and Murder

The Art of Deflection ©
Friends of Co I and the ...

The Florist from Cherbourg...©
Searching for a Florist...

The Forgotten Company G 506th Japanese-American Paratrooper ©
Takeshi Miyoko

The (Next to) Last Piece of the Puzzle for the House ©
Getting Closer to the Truth

The Real Meaning of War ©
Cold Hard Reality

The 2nd Battalion of the 401st Glider Infantry©
Confusion after WWII in D.C.

The Spanhoe Incident ©
An explosion while loading ...

The 325th Co A Soldiers killed on landing in Normandy ©
325th Glider Crashed 7 June 1944

The Vagaries of War ©
It was a cold and wet day...

The War Comes To Town ©
Strafing on June 7, 1944


To All the Men and Women in the U.S. Armed Forces ©
The question is this; why did the VA ...

To the Acting Secretary of the Army ©
This concerns 92 men buried under the wrong Division...

White Supremacists in Holland ©
Even in Holland live the White Supremacists

Why lie Bando? ©
Where's the Beef?


A Review of the book Currahee! ©
First read Currahee! back in 2006 or...

An All American Critique... ©
There are a few things wrong with the quotation

Fake WWII Awards ©
Fake awards being sold to real WWII Veterans ...

Real vs Fake WWII Paratroop Jump Certificate ©
Ran across a Jump Certificate for a member of Co E 506th...

This is a breakdown by paragraph about GRAIGNES... ©
A poorly written Graignes Article

What more could be said about the ABMC & Arlington?  Plenty

A Problem at Arlington National Cemetery ©
A Problem Indeed ...

Updated Arlington Problem November 2015 ©
Below is the interaction with workers at Arlington

ABMC Cut & Paste from Wikipedia ©
The ABMC is now using Wikipedia ...

An Old Problem at Arlington National Cemetery ©
Below is a link to a Vietnam Veteran ...

Arlington plays favorites, celebrities before Soldiers ©
Celebrities take just days to be buried while ...

Bad Advice ©
It is obvious that Ms. Van Maanen has poisoned ...

Fraud at the ABMC ©
Once again at the ABMC...

82nd Abn Div Sgt Ray's Death in Normandy Update #3 ©
Sgt Ray's death on June 13, 1944...

Family and Friends 508th PIR Assc
508th and the men buried without the 82nd Abn Div on their Headstones

More Incompetently at the ABMC ©
What's new though right?

Time To Bring The Boys Back Home ©
The time is fast approaching...

The book For Freedom written by Raymond E. Keefe ©
This epic tome was created by Raymond E. Keefe

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